12 Popular Uses for Window Film

There are some great and innovative uses for window film. Here are 12 of the most popular.

12 Popular Uses for Window Film

Window Film is a product which can be applied to the interior or exterior of glass windows and doors, for a variety of uses. These uses include: protection from solar heat and glare, prevention of damage or fading from UV exposure, deterrent against illegal entry, protection of glass against graffiti damage, injury prevention from broken glass, provision of privacy, or for internal or external decorative or aesthetic purposes.  Some newer window films can also improve the energy efficiency of windows through reduction of heat loss through your glass in winter, as well as rejection of heat in summer.

Window Film has moved far beyond just a simple shaded tint, with many great practical and creative uses, as well as a wide range of different colours and styles, according to the purpose of the film. Here at Complete Film Solutions, we have helped design and install window film used for a variety of applications, including many of the customised uses listed below.

Make an Impact with Your Front Door

Spruce up your front door with some decorative window film. A lot of homes are built with glass front doors, or glass along the side panel of the front door. To create an eliminate of privacy, you can choose a frosted glass film design that not only looks great, but also provides privacy for your entry.

frosted window film on front door

Bathroom Privacy Film

Maintain privacy in your bathroom with frosted window film. Your external bathroom windows can be tinted with frosted film, so you still get the benefits of the natural light, without the need for blinds or shades. Your internal glass, such as your shower screen, can also be installed with frosted or decorative film, to breathe new life into the bathroom, while also increasing privacy.

Create Space in Your Office

With most offices moving to open plan, you can still create some privacy with frosted glass partitions. These don’t have to be boring, try using decorative film or branding the glass with your corporate colours or company values.

frosted glass film on office partition

Save on Energy Bills

Along with all the creative design uses for window film, it is also one of the best ways to create a more energy efficient building. Solar window film stops 99% of UV radiation, rejecting the heat being transferred in summer and keeping your building cool, without the high aircon bills.  If you want to improve your energy efficiency all year round, then our insulating window film will help to retain heat in winter and reject heat in summer.

Protect your loved ones

Security films are one way in which you can protect your family and possessions from adverse events – whether it is by glass breakage through inclement weather, or from deliberate glass breakages from attempted illegal entry.  3M has a security film range to suit all budgets and all purposes – and you can even get tinted versions for the best of both worlds – protection AND superior heat rejection or privacy.

digital print on glass balcony

Innovative Balcony Doors & Partitions

Create a unique look and feel for your balcony walls or outdoor partitions. Try a water theme for pool fences or balcony walls overlooking the ocean.

Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

frosted glass film on kitchen cabinets

Do you have glass doors on your kitchen cabinets? You can decorate your cabinets (and hide any clutter) using some decorative window film. Try choosing a style that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen or be creative and use some entertaining quotes on the glass to give your kitchen a fun vibe.

Glass Signage

Don’t waste an opportunity for signage on your external glass windows! Any glass on street frontage is a fantastic opportunity for creative marketing and signage, which is easy using window film.

Get the Etched Glass Look

Etched glass looks great but is permanent and quite expensive. For a cost-effective alternative, get the etched glass look using a decorative window film.

decorative window film on front door

Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass can look gorgeous used as a feature window; however the price can limit a lot of people from using it. Use window film to create the stained glass look on your windows. We love the look of a stained-glass window in the bathroom over the bath, using privacy, coloured film.

One Way Mirrors

Use window film to create one-way mirrored glass on your office building. This way your staff get the benefits of the natural light and open windows, while the one-way mirror ensures privacy.

Revamp Interior Glass Doors and Windows

Do you have interior glass doors entrances? These can be transformed with the addition of some decorative glass film.

Get Advice from the Experts

Complete Film Solutions are Perth’s window film experts. Have a chat to our friendly team today, for help and suggestions using window film.

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