Children’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Play & Learning

Check out some of our children’s bedroom decorating ideas to help inspire your own DIY decorating.

Children’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Play & Learning

Your child’s bedroom is the first place they live and call their own. They spend a lot of time in their rooms, so it is well worth decorating their space, with both play and learning in mind. You want them to have a place where they feel comfortable, and if you can sneak in some education while you’re there, all the better!

Say good bye to the old days of blue for boys and pink for girls, there is so much more out there for you to play with, including custom wallpaper, bold colour pallets and more! Comfy cushions and reading nooks can help to create a happy space that also inspires learning. Check out some of our children’s bedroom decorating ideas to help inspire your own DIY decorating.

Choose a Theme

Before you get too carried away buying paint and furniture, decide on your theme and colour palette. You really are only limited by you and your child’s imagination. Some great themes, which give you plenty of creative options, include enchanted forests, outer space, dinosaurs, or under the sea. There are so many different directions you can take with any theme, and it also provides an opportunity for learning (you could incorporate different star constellations or names of dinosaurs into the design).

Or make the theme more about the colour scheme, monochrome is a cool option, with your staple pieces in black and white, adding splashes of colour with throw rugs and toys. Or choosing a dusty green or purple with splashes of gold or silver. Once you have chosen your theme, you can look to coordinate your room and furniture choices.

Another tip is to make sure your theme can be adapted as your child gets older. If you keep the walls and furniture fairly neutral, it will save you repainting, and most furniture can be restyled with a few simple alterations to Manchester or signature pieces.

Custom wallpaper kids room

Bring the Room to Life with Custom Wallpaper

An awesome way to bring your theme to life, is with a custom wall mural. Custom wallpaper is affordable and can be easily applied and removed. You have so many options when it comes to choosing a design too.

At Complete Film Solutions, you can provide your own image, or we can help you create an image with our design team. A forest theme looks great on the wall, or you can get some really great animal images or any other design to tie in with your theme.

We recommend you choose a timeless theme (maybe don’t go with your child’s current favourite movie character) as this is bound to change. We love the idea of an under the sea theme, with lots of distinct aspects to keep them entertained.

For the other walls, without the wallpaper, make sure you tie them in to coordinate, wither with other prints or drapes in your colour scheme.

custom wallpaper children's room

Incorporate Learning

There is so many great ways to incorporate learning into your child’s bedroom, to give them a head start. Depending on their age and interest, check out some ideas below:

Analogue Clocks

Learn to tell the time by having an analogue clock on the wall. Practise times, such as ‘dinner is at 5pm’ etc. You could also try having a large wall map on the wall with different clocks in the different time zones. If a family member lives interstate or overseas, you can check, what time is it for Grandma? Clever way to understand geography and time zones.

Reading Corner

Create a comfy reading nook where your child can relax and read their favourite book. Plenty of cushions and rug where they can stretch out. Tepees are really in right now, they look cool, and they provide a cosy little area. Make sure you have a book case or area to store their books, for inspiration, and to keep tings tidy.

World Map Wallpaper

What better way to inspire your future traveller, than with a wall map mural on the wall. You can also incorporate other items, such as animals or foods from certain countries. Or try stick on images to discuss unique points in regions (such as kangaroos from Australia).

Get Active

Depending on the size of your child’s room, you can certainly create some fun activity spaces to keep them entertained on those rainy days.

Rock Climbing Wall

These are interactive and safe and can be fairly easily installed to the bedroom wall. You can purchase plastic climbing holds, which are installed with stainless bolts to attach to the wall. Just make sure you check the safety before you let the kids start using this!

Bunk Beds

These are a brilliant way to create extra space, by utilising the floor area below the bed. You can also have a bit of fun, and create interactive maps or pictures on the ceiling, and fun ladders to get up and down. Why not consider having a slide to get down from the bunk? Space permitting of course.


There are so many proven benefits for early learning a musical instrument, from hand – eye coordination, memory and listening skills. While it might not be the greatest idea for peace and quiet, there is a lot of benefit to creating a music zone (hopefully with a sound proof door!) in your child’s bedroom, whether it be drums a recorder or any other instrument they take an interest in.

Separate Sleep Zone

When it comes time for bed, you want to make sure there are no distractions to prevent bed time becoming an issue. Make sure you have a dedicated sleep zone, that has everything they need to create a sleep routine, without distractions.

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches to your child’s room can make all the difference. Don’t forget to include plenty of storage, to help keep things tidy. Adding plants can also be a terrific way to teach your child about nature, watering and caring for the plant. Never underestimate the value of a good throw rug or cushions to create those finishing touches too. Tie your furnishings in with your theme to finish the look.

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. It will help create a comfortable space where your kids are happy to be on their own reading a book or entertaining themselves. Contact our friendly team at Complete Film Solutions for help designing some custom wall art or mural.

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