Perth Home Security – Start the Year Off Right by Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Start off the new year right by assessing your Perth home security & identifying vulnerabilities. Read our top tips for securing your home.

Perth Home Security – Start the Year Off Right by Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

All homeowners understand there is a risk of criminals breaking into their home. Many West Australian’s will turn to invest in a Perth home security system to lower this risk and bolster their overall security.

Unfortunately, many homeowners only consider a small security alarm or CCTV system as their sole line of defence. While they are a great deterrent for criminals, it’s important to identify other potential vulnerabilities in your home and look to rectify any shortfalls.

Start off the new year right by identifying any vulnerabilities in your home security and putting appropriate systems in place to lower the chance of intrusion.


Household Door Security & Window Security Vulnerabilities

The most common way intruders attempt to gain entry to your home is through windows and doors. This is made easier by many homeowners often leaving their windows and doors unlocked, practically inviting burglars into their home.

Identifying vulnerabilities and boosting your home security should start at these ‘easy access’ points. While installing security screens and security window film on your windows and doors is a great starting point, it’s important to understand that they may still leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

Security Screens

One of the best ways to bolster your home security is by investing in security screens. However, many homeowners only install security screens on doors and windows that open, leaving adjacent fixed panels vulnerable. Installing security screens on all windows and openings in your home will block out all-natural light and decrease the livability of your home, not to mention the large price tag. Security screens are best accompanied by security window film.

Security Window Film

One of the vulnerable entry points for criminals looking to enter your home is through the glass present within sliding doors and window panels. They can gain entry by smashing the glass panes within windows and doors into hundreds of small shards.

Security window film is one of the best options to deter entry and strengthen your home’s laminated or float glass windows and doors. However, for toughened glass panels (most commonly seen in sliding doors and sidelight panels), security window film will slow down intruders, but won’t fully prevent entry. Criminals seeking entry can still break the glass and push the whole film containing broken shards of glass to the floor. Therefore, you need an additional line of defence to combat intruders accessing your home through toughened glass entryways.

3M Ultraflex bonds the security window film to the toughened glass and frame, making for an extremely strong unit. A heavy, sustained and noisy attack is required to penetrate this combination – most intruders will simply give up and move on to an easier target than run the risk of attracting attention from neighbours.

For more information on how 3M Ultraflex is used to enhance security film on toughened glass, check out our video below.

Better still, not only does 3M offer the amazing 3M Ultra S600 Clear Security film for optimal protection against illegal entry, but it also offers 3M Clear Safety and Security film for an entry-level film for the budget-conscious. There are even an additional  3 different variants of TINTED security film, so your film will not only prevent unauthorised access, but it will also keep your home cooler in summer and reduce the load on your air conditioning.

Perth Home Security System Vulnerabilities

In order to increase the home security of their homes, more and more homeowners are looking to install security systems to help deter and prevent intrusions.

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarms will activate when someone has breached your home perimeter. This may frighten intruders, however, they only activate once intruders have already gained entry. This gives criminals enough time to steal easily accessible belongings before fleeing.

While security alarms are a great deterrent, it’s important that you don’t see it as the only line of defence your home requires. Look to implement home security measures that prevent entry into your home and access to your belongings – then complement it with a home security alarm system.

CCTV Systems

Installing a CCTV system both internally and externally throughout your home is a great visual deterrent. It’s also very helpful in identifying the criminals involved following a break-in. However, it can be quite hard to cover all areas of your home with CCTV cameras due to the large cost involved and multiple blind spots.

If you currently have a CCTV system set up at your home, record yourself walking around your home and analyse the footage to identify any blind spots. This will allow you to either install more cameras or shift the positioning of current cameras to boost the security of your home.

Vulnerabilities Around Your Home

To ward off intruders and make it harder for them to approach your home, you need to identify possible security vulnerabilities around the exterior of your home. This is especially important if your home is adjacent to a walkway or backs onto a busy street. Two of the most common security vulnerabilities around the exterior of your home is poor lighting and unkempt gardens.

Poor Lighting

If you have poor lighting around the exterior of your home, intruders will find it much easier to gain entry unnoticed. One way to ward off potential burglars is to install sensor lights around the perimeter of your home. Once an intruder gets too close, the lights will turn on shining a light on them and alerting you, neighbours, and passers-by.

Unkempt Gardens

Gardens can often obscure your view of the area around your home, especially if they are poorly maintained. This gives intruders more opportunity to approach your home unseen. Trim back plants, hedges, and trees in your home to give your neighbours and your family a better opportunity to spot potential burglars.

If you want some more Perth home security tips or are looking to improve the security of your home with 3M Security Window Film, contact the specialised team at Complete Film Solutions today on 1300 237 657.



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