Your Guide to Car Wrap Pricing

If you are wondering how much it costs to wrap a car, this guide will be perfect for you to read. Get the lowdown on car wrapping prices and what factors need to be considered.

Your Guide to Car Wrap Pricing

How much does it cost to wrap a car in Perth?

Whether you’re a private car owner or you manage a vehicle fleet, car wrapping is a cost-effective way of revitalising the look of your car, infusing it with new energy and promoting your business/brand..

With a carefully chosen car wrap, your car can be completely transformed into a vehicle that will feel almost as good as new.  Choose from gloss, satin, matte, textured wraps, printed graphics, or computer cut vinyl – the options are limitless.

But how much does a car wrap cost?

Here, we’ll be talking about car wrapping in general and what it entails. We’ll also be answering your question: How much does it cost to get a car wrapped?

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The basics of car wrapping

Car wrapping refers to the process of changing the overall look of your car. This is accomplished through the application of large sheets of coloured, textured or custom-designed vinyl film to different sections or panels of your vehicle.

Benefits of car wrapping

There are obvious aesthetic benefits to car wrapping as it gives you the option to change your automobile’s colour or surface design. But, beyond this, there are other advantages to getting your car wrapped:

  • You can achieve a custom look for your car, so it reflects your personality or character.
  • You can protect the paintwork (original or otherwise) from damage, i.e., from natural hazards like bird droppings, tree sap, small stone chips, scratches or abrasions, and weathering.
  • You can keep the original/factory paint intact – something that can positively impact your car’s resale value.
  • Car wrapping is cheaper compared to other types of vehicle modifications such as repainting.
  • For vehicle fleet or commercial car owners, car wrapping is an excellent method of branding your vehicles to promote your business and increase brand awareness.
average cost to wrap a car - 3m car wrap price

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Vinyl wraps are also incredibly easy to maintain. So if you hate waxing your car, getting your vehicle wrapped means you’ll never have to wax your car again.

And if happens that you get tired of the look of your vehicle wrap, it can usually be easily and safely removed by experts.

So, whatever your reason for getting your vehicle wrapped, it’s a worthwhile investment in your pride and joy, or business fleet, especially if you take your vehicle to professionals who only use high-quality vinyl wraps like 3M.

If you’re interested in wrapping your car for business branding purposes, you might also be interested in our Perth wallpaper solutions. First impressions count. Even when it comes to your office space.

Which parts of your vehicle can be wrapped?

Most of your vehicle parts can be wrapped in one form or another.

But if we’re talking parts or sections, you can get the bonnet, boot, roof and all other painted panels of your car wrapped in high-quality vinyl.

Here at Complete Film Solutions, we only use 3M vehicle wrap  because it is produced by an internationally acclaimed, trusted and well-known brand. As a 3M Platinum Partner, we’ve also been using 3M vinyl for years and are familiar with its key attributes of being durable, aesthetically pleasing and superior in all quality aspects.

Good-quality car wraps can last for five to nine years. Due to the quality of 3M’s vehicle wrapping range, if your vehicle is securely garaged, protected from the elements and regularly washed, you can expect many years of longevity from this product on your car.

What’s involved in wrapping a car?

If you’re keen on getting your car wrapped, here’s a short description of the process.

First, we need information on the car you want to get wrapped.  Is it brand new from the dealer, or are you updating an older vehicle?  If it’s an older vehicle, we’ll need to visually inspect the vehicle to provide guidance about any blemishes or issues that may require attention prior to the wrap being installed.  You want the best result, and we want to provide it!  There are some issues that cannot be wrapped over, as it will compromise the performance and appearance of the wrap, so these will need to be addressed prior to your wrap being installed.

Once the car type is established and any issues identified/ resolved, our creative team of expert graphic designers will work with you to get an idea of the kind of car wrap design or look you want, including your preferred colours and finishes (eg satin, gloss, matte).

If you’re a businessperson and require a commercial vehicle job, you’ll need to provide branding information, such as your logo and brand guidelines, including the fonts you use, colours, images, etc.

After gathering the required info, our professional vehicle graphic design team will come up with two car wrap design alternatives that you will be tasked to review. You will then need to evaluate both, choose a preferred design and share your feedback with us, including any modifications you want done.

Once the design is finalised, we can implement your chosen custom design.

Since we are a 3M Platinum Select Provider for 3M Graphics and Window Film, we only use the best quality 3M vinyl in all the car wrapping jobs we handle. Primarily we use the 3M 2080 for single colour vehicle wraps, whilst custom designed wraps are printed on 3M IJ180MC.

Of course, if the colours needed for your car wrap design are not available within the 3M range, we’ll be happy to secure the colours required from other reputable brands.

So, how much does a car wrap cost?

You can only calculate the average cost to wrap a car after considering certain factors.

A partial 3M car wrap price can range from $1,500 to $4,000 plus GST. However, please note that any fees related to the design time and artwork charges are not included in this estimated car vinyl wrap price and the averages provided in the table below.

What factors determine the price of vinyl wrapping a car?

The cost of a car wrap job varies depending on the:

  • Type of vinyl wrap used
  • Extent (Is it a full, closed-door wrap, ¾ wrap, ½ wrap, or simple spot graphics job?)
  • Duration of the car wrapping job
  • Whether any prep work has been done
  • Number of panels wrapped
  • Amount of material used
  • Car type and size

Also, for commercial clients, another factor that can influence pricing is the number of vehicles. You could be given a fleet discount, and any design fees will only be charged for the first vehicle if only one design is used for the entire fleet.

Full vehicle wrap by car size

If you want averages or general estimates on how much it costs to wrap a car, we’ve created some rough estimates below:

Small Passenger CarFrom $2,800
Medium Passenger CarFrom $3,600
Large Passenger CarFrom $4,500
Sports CoupeFrom $3,800
4WD CarFrom $5,100
Large 4WDFrom $5,500

Remember that the above averages are ex-GST (ie GST of 10% will be added at time of invoicing), and also do not include any artwork/ design-related costs or vehicle preparation costs. The above pricing is also for “closed door” wrap – ie when all doors of the car are closed, the original vehicle colour cannot be seen. If the doors are open, you will still see the original door colour inside the door jams.

Enjoy the benefits of car wrapping

Car wrapping is an excellent way to preserve the original look of your car or to customise its appearance to reflect your personal aesthetics or branding (if you’re a commercial client).
Prolong the lifespan of your paint job and protect your vehicle from the elements with high-quality 3M vinyl solutions by Complete Film Solutions.

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