How to Transform Your Car with Car Wrapping

If you’re looking for a bold way to introduce your business to the public, then eye-catching car wrapping may be for you.

How to Transform Your Car with Car Wrapping

If you’re looking for a bold way to introduce your business to the public, then eye-catching car wrapping may be for you.

Car branding has become a popular way to transform vehicles over the years. Today however, the trend appeals to a much larger audience, with consumers from personal and commercial markets vinyl wrapping their cars.

What was once reserved for companies with big budgets is now accessible for start-up businesses and car enthusiasts wanting to customise their ride. Car wrapping provides a constant brand-building awareness. Fortunately, it can also be perfect for the protection of your vehicle.

Here’s everything you need to know about car wrapping…

Turn Your Car into a Mobile Advertising Tool

Car wrapping can be a unique way to brand your business and complement existing marketing collateral. By using your car as a mobile advertising tool, your business visibility is increased.
For non-business owners, it can be more economical than painting to completely customise your vehicle with car wrapping.

Some of the benefits for personal and commercial drivers include:

Spreading brand awareness: Cars travel further than a billboard or flyer, which provides exposure to wider markets and increases the chance of people seeing your brand.

Cost effective: Vinyl wrapping can be economical for small businesses and gets people talking. Car wrapping is also more cost-effective than a new paint job.

Added professionalism and credibility: Wrapping enhances professionalism when your car is branded according to your business’s style guidelines.

Around the clock exposure: Vehicle wraps are 24/7 promotion, which can be more effective than traditional forms of advertising.

Long-term advertising: Vinyl car wrapping can last up to 10 years, depending on where you park your car and how you maintain it.

Protection for your vehicle: Wrapping can prevent scratches and paint damage, without fading easily. Cars unwrapped five years later can look brand new.

3M Digital Car Wrap

Branding, Colour and Design Options

Car wrapping requires the same attention to detail as it does to design your business cards and website. If you’re customising for branding purposes, make sure your colour and design choice represents the business.

Remember that your car wrap should build your brand identity and be aligned with your brand message. Use a readable typeface too.

If you’re using vehicle signage to hide old paint, there are no limitations on the colours, patterns and design options available. However, if your car has had extreme sun damage and the clear coat is coming off, it may not be an easy fix. For best results, any damaged areas of the car must be repaired prior to vinyl wrapping.  For peeling clear coat, this means sanding the surface back to a smooth finish.  If we attempted to wrap over the top of peeling clear coat, the wrap will not adhere and the clear coat will still peel beneath the wrap causing a bubbly appearance to the wrap.  For this reason, we will refuse to wrap a car that has not been adequately repaired.  It also improves the outcome of the wrap if any dents or scratches are repaired prior to wrapping.

Consumers tend to go for colours and finishes that are customarily difficult to paint. Vinyl car wrapping trends have encouraged drivers to use exciting car colours, instead of being stuck with something ordinary.

Car Wrap Material Options

Car wrapping is vinyl. However, there are many high and low-quality vinyl manufactures selling vinyl and you get what you pay for.

3M vinyl is the best option, as it’s internationally recognised for its high quality and long-lasting results. It can be applied to curved surfaces easily and is completely reversible, unlike paint. When choosing your vinyl wrap, be careful of vinyl and overlaminate combinations. Many shops may use cheap laminate to reduce the costs, which can result in an inferior product.

Car Wrapping

Keep it Clear and Concise

Especially if you’re branding for business, ensure your message is short and any information clear. For business names that don’t clearly tell people what you do, consider including a few more details in addition to promoting the name.
Avoid using too much advertising copy in the design as this may overcrowd the car.

Be Bold

Regardless of whether you’re customising for business or pleasure, car wrapping is an opportunity to go bold.
Large lettering, bright colours and attention-grabbing designs make your vehicle (and your message) more memorable. Drivers only have a few seconds to take in the design, thus obvious can be good.

Partial Wrap vs. Full Wrap

Once you have decided to vinyl wrap your car, you can choose to have a partial or full wrap. As the name implies, partial car wrapping focuses on a section of your vehicle, whilst the rest will still be in its original paint. This can be effective for the logo and/or contact details. Full car wraps cover the entire vehicle. They offer a blank canvas for creativity if you want to make a statement from bumper to bumper.

Cars with quality wraps are enticing to many car enthusiasts and marketers. Contact us to find out how to make your brand or vehicle stand out with car wrapping.

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