Photo Wallpaper Ideas to Personalise Your Home or Office

Are you looking to revamp a room in your home or office? Why not get creative and consider a unique photo wallpaper or custom image.

Photo Wallpaper Ideas to Personalise Your Home or Office

Are you looking to revamp a room in your home or office? Why not get creative and consider a unique photo wallpaper or custom image. With advancements in digital print technology, you can now produce wall size image prints, using high resolution photos or other images.

Consider some of our unique photo wallpaper ideas below or speak to one of our team about creating a design based on your style and space.

Beach & Ocean Scenes

Perth is well known for our amazing coastlines, with some truly amazing images available of our beaches and coastlines. Many of us have happy memories of outings to our local beach, which makes it an excellent photo wallpaper idea. Water images are also believed to have a calming effect on people, so they are a great choice for your home or breakroom at the office. Try personalising your wallpaper by using a photo or image of a beach that has some meaning to you and/or your team. See some recent examples below:

The above image is from an office boardroom in Perth, the company opted for the outlook from the Rottnest Jetty, which creates an interesting backdrop for client meetings.

We love this recent Perth wallpaper installation we completed. This home in City Beach has been covered with a digital print of the unique City Beach coastline, where the owner spent his childhood:

custom wallpaper on lounge room wall

This Perth teenager and keen surfer chose a great image of a wave breaking, to decorate his bedroom wall:

Custom Wallpaper fabric feel digital print

Native Australian Images

Australian flora and fauna are also an excellent choice for a photo wallpaper idea. Bring some nature indoors with a photo print of bushland or native flowers. A close up of a flower or animal is really powerful, along with large forest scenes.

Here at Complete Film Solutions we have brought nature indoors with a large photo wallpaper print of some native bushland in the southwest of WA. It brings a calming mood to the office and acts like a window to the outdoors:

Custom wall print of trees

If you have high res photo or image of an interesting plant, this can work well too:

custom wall paper

Company Projects or Designs

Bring your office walls to life with a custom photo wallpaper print, relevant to your organisation. A well planned office can boost productivity and inspire employees, so consider options for some inspiring wallpaper for your office.

We recently completed the below print for a resource company. This is an image of their offshore oil tankers off the coast of Darwin, showing both above and below the water, for an interesting perspective. Mining companies may also use region specific photos from their mine sites or other relevant images to maintain a connection between office and onsite staff.

Suburb Specific

Different parts of Perth are well known for various cultural and physical traits, so consider something suburb specific for your photo wallpaper. As an example, Fremantle are famous for their Cappuccino Strip, so consider an urban photo of the strip.

Applecross and surrounding suburbs are well recognisable in November, for the purple flowering Jacaranda trees. So much so, that the Applecross Rotary Club hosts a Jacaranda Festival each year. These would make a gorgeous wallpaper.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour is instantly recognisable and would make an excellent image for wallpaper. North Perth are well known for their olive trees, planted back in the 60s. Think about something specific to your suburb, and get creative.

Motivational Quotes & Images

Help inspire staff, or your guests, with a motivational quote and image. When you enter someone’s home, its quite unique if there is a welcome quote, or even a humorous quote that gives you a sense of the homeowners.

These office wallpaper designs below were designed to inspire imagination amongst staff in the boardroom and breakrooms:

Kids Rooms

Let the imagination take over, when designing photo wallpaper for your children’s room. Choose their favourite Disney or Marvel character, sports star or another role model. Or consider something educational, such as a world map or times tables to help with learning. Check out our blog on designing Children’s Bedrooms for Play & Learning for extra inspiration.

Custom wallpaper kids room

Holiday Snaps

Have you visited somewhere exotic or memorable while on holidays? Have a honeymoon memory you want to celebrate? Remember, any holiday photos, be it of a sunset, landmark or any other great photos you have taken while away can be transformed into wall art. It is so much more meaningful when you were the photographer as well and creates a great conversation piece for guests.

These are just a few suggestions, but you are really are only limited by your imagination. Complete Film Solutions have a huge data base of images you can choose from. Or you can use any high-resolution photograph, Shutterstock or other image website you have. Have a chat to our team about your requirements, and we can help you come up with an awesome photo wallpaper idea, that is unique for you.

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