Top Office Renovation Ideas to Boost Productivity

If you want to get the most out of your staff and inspire productivity, try some of these office renovation ideas.

Top Office Renovation Ideas to Boost Productivity

There are many factors that can impact productivity at work. Changing the physical environment is one of the easiest to address.

If you want to get the most out of your staff and inspire productivity, try some of these office renovation ideas. They can provide a fresh new look to your office, boost morale, impress your clients and promote focus and concentration.

1. Consider Frosted Office Partitions and Meeting Rooms

Open-plan and semi-open-plan offices can encourage collaboration and improve employee relations. However, they can also be distracting, particularly in a busy office where there are lots of people coming and going.

Frosted glass allows the light in so the sense of space is preserved, but the frosting provides privacy and reduces distractions. This is particularly important for meeting spaces and work which requires focused concentration.

2. Create a Relaxation Area

Taking regular breaks from work is vital to maintaining productivity. Providing a comfortable and relaxation area for staff to take a quick break and chat with colleagues in an informal environment is sure to be a worthwhile investment.

Quiet and relaxing spaces can help to relieve stress, encourage interaction between employees and boost creativity. They can also be a handy place to retreat to if an individual needs to escape from a busy office to make a quiet phone call or concentrate on a particularly tricky task.

3. Add Some Nature-inspired Wall Art

When you’re stuck for ideas or in need of a break from your desk, the ideal solution is to get out for some fresh air and a ‘nature break’ to clear your mind.

While physically getting out of the office will provide maximum benefits, it’s not always possible. But employees can still benefit from the calming properties of nature simply by looking at images of green scenery.

Studies have shown that looking at nature can improve productivity and attention levels, even if it’s a photograph rather than the real thing. Using custom wall art or wallpaper of natural scenes in your office not only looks attractive, it could also boost staff productivity.

4. Introduce Flexible Workstations

Not everyone does their best work sitting at a desk. Allowing employees to have flexibility in where they work, including providing standing desks, allows each individual to work in the space that they are the most comfortable.

Some work tasks may require isolation in a quiet spot, while others are more suited to an open space for easy collaboration with colleagues. With a variety of working spaces to choose from rather than only fixed workstations, people can move between the different spaces as it suits them.

It’s also important not to overlook employee comfort when it comes to seating. Nobody can be at their most productive with a stiff neck or aching back. It’s worth investing in ergonomic desks and chairs and to encourage employees to switch between these and standing workstations regularly.

5. Think Carefully About Colour

Colour is known to have a psychological impact and to set the mood of a space. You should think carefully about what colours to paint different areas of your office for maximum impact.

Blue and green are thought to promote creativity as well as being calming and productive, while red provides a stimulating effect that can boost energy.

White is, of course, the most popular colour for most office spaces. It looks sleek and modern but can also seem cold and dull. Brighten up white spaces with some bright artwork and splashes of colour in the form of furniture and accessories.

6. Maximise your natural light

Increasing natural light in a work space has been linked to boost productivity and purchasing behaviours amongst customers, but how do you increase natural light if you only have one wall of windows?  There are new window films available that use micro-replication to redirect light deeper into your work space, by redirecting incoming light up onto the ceiling.  In fact, this daylight redirection film has been proven to light the room as much as 13m from the window.  It can also help to reduce dependence on artificial lighting and reduce your energy consumption bills.  Watch this video to find out more.

Also think about past building decisions that may be impacting on your natural light.  If window tint was applied to your windows in years past to manage a heat issue, this may have been a darker, traditional, metallic tint.  New technology films are now able to stop more heat than older technology films, without sacrificing natural light.

A Well-Planned Workspace Pays Off

You don’t have to spend a fortune on office renovations. Whether you work in a small team or manage an office with dozens of employees, making a few small changes to the environment can have a big impact on productivity and employee wellbeing.

Need more inspiration? Talk to our experts and find the right look for your office with frosted, decorative, daylight redirecting or lighter heat rejection film.

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