Wall Murals to Brighten Your Home

Custom Wall Murals and Wallpaper are an innovative and economical way to redecorate your home.

Wall Murals to Brighten Your Home

Whether you have just moved in, or are looking to redecorate, there are some fantastic ways to brighten your home, or add a unique look and feel. Wall murals can turn a boring wall into a unique talking piece, or brighten up a nursery, without the hassle and permanency of painting.

Wall murals are a quick and easy way to add color, style, or interest to your home. But while off the shelf wall murals might seem like the cheaper option it could actually cost you more in terms of time because they’re less customizable than custom designs and there is also a significant difference in quality. What’s more, custom wall murals can be tailored specifically for your space with motifs that reflect who lives there.

Custom wall murals and wallpaper can be anything from a photo, image or pattern, and there is no limit to the creativity you can use. Design your own wallpaper or choose a stock image, the possibilities are endless. To get some inspiration you can also look up wallpaper design ideas.

Depending on which room of your home you are looking to renovate, we have put together some of our favourite wall mural design ideas from the past few years.

Entry Way

The entrance to your home, is where you can make a cracking first impression. A meaningful quote or welcome greeting is always a nice first impression, such as “Kick off your shoes, relax and make yourselves at home” or something a little cheekier, such as “We only serve expensive Australian wine here, did you bring any?”. Wall stickers can easily be applied and removed, so you can change them as required.

Alternatively, you can experiment with patterns or monochrome images, which can give a sophisticated feel. Using minimal colours also makes it easy to pair with your furnishings and blend into the design of the rest of the home.

Custom Wallpaper fabric feel digital print

Living Room

Custom wall print of trees

Your living room needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.  2018 has seen dark furniture make a comeback, paired with earthy colours, such as mustards and greens. With the majority of the colour tones being quite calming, add a bold splash of colour, such as burnt orange or red. Select a large image, such as brightly coloured flowers or nature scene, that will help bring to life your furniture and other décor. The use of velvet furniture paired with a floral wall mural is a great use of both colour and texture, to create a stylish, inviting space.


Want to wake up in a tranquil rainforest or beach paradise? It’s easy, with a full custom wall mural. Choose one of your favourite holiday snaps, and have a wall mural created for a feature wall in your bedroom. Then you can wake up and remember the great time you had on holidays.

Custom wallpaper kids room

Alternatively, choose a gorgeous pattern to help lift your bedroom. If you choose a bright colour in the design, make sure you pair your Manchester and throw pillows to match.

There are some great ideas for the kids bedrooms too. Make it educational with a world map, dinosaurs or the solar system. Their favourite sporting team or cartoon characters are also a popular choice. Their bedroom is their haven, so make it inviting and unique to them.


Is your bathroom looking a bit tired? A full bathroom reno can rack up some serious money, so it’s definitely worth considering some custom wallpaper. Tropical patterns such as large leaf prints and exotic birds are very popular, if you really want to make a statement.

Also using patterned wallpaper to complement existing bathroom fixtures is an inexpensive way to revamp your bathroom. Grey and neutral colours are currently popular, and look stylish with brass or metallic fixtures.

Man Cave

Digitally printed & computer cut wall sticker

Do you have a favourite sporting team or other passion? Let the world know about it with a large wall mural in your games room or converted garage. Maybe you caught a huge fish on your last trip. You can add a photo to your games room wall as a permanent reminder of your greatest catch.

Looking for some wall mural design inspiration? Here at Complete Film Solutions we can help you create a custom wallpaper design for your Perth home, from your photos or images, or access our huge database of images. Contact us today, and we can help you create your custom design.


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