Top Benefits of Residential Window Tinting For Your Perth Home

Custom window tinting is an excellent way to help save both the planet and your wallet. Need some more convincing?

Top Benefits of Residential Window Tinting For Your Perth Home

Perth is a beautiful place to live, with our laid-back lifestyle and unquestionably awesome weather. Perth summers are renowned, but the heat can take its toll on our homes. Window Tinting is one of the best ways to combat the detrimental effects of the Perth heat, and ensures we are comfortable all year around.

Besides learning about window tinting prices, you’re likely interested in knowing about all the great benefits of residential window tinting.

In this blog post, we are going to explore not only the energy-saving advantages of solar window film and window tinting, but we also give you the lowdown on all other benefits of window tinting you might not have known about.

Understanding Residential Window Tinting Benefits

So, without further ado, here are some of the top benefits of residential window tinting in Perth:


Electricity prices for businesses and households have increased sharply in recent years. According to the ABS, household energy costs increased by 9% from 2017 to 2018. Due to this rise in energy prices, it’s logical that many home and business owners are looking at new ways to save on energy costs.

window tinting energy price stats

Did you know that reducing the temperature by only a few degrees can lead to savings of up to 50% on your air conditioning cost?

Everybody knows that it takes a significant amount of energy to cool down a hot room, even more so for an entire house or office. An average Australian household spends $250 – $500 a year on their ducted air conditioning electricity running cost.

In recent years, many home and business owners have become increasingly conscious about measures to reduce energy consumption. Some popular ways to cut down on energy consumption levels are changing lighting to LED, boosting the insulation in your home/office, fitting double glazed windows or by installing solar energy panels. However, one often overlooked, but very efficient way of reducing energy costs is window tinting.

Having window film installed is a one-off cost, as opposed to installing air conditioners that have the installation cost, and then the running and servicing costs. Window tinting will keep your home cooler during the summer months, by rejecting the solar energy direct from the sun, preventing this heat from entering your home. Some window films will also reject infra-red heat, which is the radiated or reflected heat that you can’t see. This is the heat you still feel when you are sitting in the shade, or the heat that persists after the sun has set.

Window tinting will also help to lower your air conditioning running costs, as the tint helps to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduces hot and cold spots being created by the air conditioner. The air conditioner simply will not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

You can now also opt to have low-e window films for the ultimate in energy efficiency. The Low E window film acts like an insulation for your windows. They will reject solar energy heat and prevent loss of cooled air through your windows in Summer, while in Winter, the insulating effect will prevent up to 40% of heat loss through your glass, to help keep your home warmer in winter. This means you can leave your curtains open to capture any winter sun and light available without worrying about heat loss through the glass.


Window Tinting stops up to 99.9% of UV radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of energy produced by the sun, which is the main cause of sunburn, premature aging and skin cancers. Window tinting will block these harmful UV rays, providing protection for you and your family. Window tinting can be especially beneficial for homes with older or low-quality windows that are not efficient in blocking UV rays.


Another great benefit of window tinting, is that it protects your furniture, window treatments and flooring from fading, and other sun damage. Have you ever looked at your furniture, walls or floors and wondered why the colour has faded so much? The answer to that is UV rays and heat – the principal cause of fading. Besides fading from UV rays, the heat coming through your windows can also cause damage to the fabric on your sofas.


Apart from the damaging effects of UV rays, the sun also creates glare that can cause eye pain/ fatigue and impact on your comfort in your home. Letting in natural sunlight is great, but sun glare can cause headaches and other health issues. Rather than locking yourself away in a dark home with the blinds drawn, window tint can help you enjoy your home, at any time during the day.


Privacy and Decorative window tinting are a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home. There are many options to choose from, to get the right look and feel for your space. Frosting, coloured vinyl or a digitally printed (to any design of your choice) film is an option to still allow light in your home, while providing privacy day and night.

You can also opt for a darker or a reflective window tint, which can give you visibility out and day time privacy (but you will still need to have curtains or blinds for night time privacy, as the privacy effects will be lost once the lights are on at night and it is dark outside). Alternatively, you may choose a tint that maintains your natural light and views while still stopping the heat.


Window Tinting is also a terrific way to increase the value of the home. Window tinting also benefits the look of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Savvy investors also understand the long-term benefits of residential window tinting, including the energy saving and security benefits, helping to increase the value, when it comes time to sell.


Windows are never 100% safe from breaking. An affordable solution to the risks presented by broken windows is security window film. If a window is broken, the security window film will reduce the risk of potential safety hazards such as flying glass by keeping the broken shards held firmly together. It also reduces the likeliness of burglars obtaining illegal entry into your property as they would need to sustain a prolonged attack against the film in order to break through.

3M Security films also come in tinted variants, so you that you can experience the best of both worlds – all the heat reduction/ privacy benefits of a solar film, with the high level protection offered by security film.


There are many uses and benefits for window tinting, and they are not only one or the other. There are some great window tinting options with combined benefits. 3M window films have invested a lot in the technology of their films, to bring combined benefits, such as all in one solar and security film, or combined solar and insulating window film.


Custom window tinting is an excellent way to help save both the planet and your wallet. Need some more convincing about window tinting benefits? Complete Film Solutions have been providing window tinting and film solutions to Perth residents for the past 12 years. Speak to one of our window tinting experts today, to find the best solutions for your home.


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