3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film is (sadly) now a must-have item for any business with a glass shop front that is otherwise unprotected.  Etching into glass by graffiti vandals causes your business premise to look unsightly and contributes to your customers and community feeling unsafe.  If glass is not protected by anti-graffiti film, then it becomes a very costly exercise to remove and replace the glass.

By installing 3M Anti-graffiti film to your exposed glass surfaces, you are creating a sacrificial layer so that any scratches occur only in the film and do not penetrate to the glass beneath.  The scratched film can then be removed and replaced as needed, at a much lower cost than glass replacement.

Anti-graffiti film is not limited to only glass, but any surface that may be susceptible to etched graffiti.  We have installed anti-graffiti film to stainless steel lift doors, tray tables of overnight passenger trains, window sills of commuting trains, as well as public toilet mirrors.

Do you currently have glass that is unprotected and already scratched?  We offer a glass polishing service that may be able to buff out existing scratches (depending on extent and depth) to prepare your glass for anti-graffiti film protection. This is often quicker, easier and less disruptive to your business than arranging for glass replacement.

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The film we most commonly use for anti-graffiti protection is 3M’s S40 Safety film – please download the specification sheet here.