3M™ Ultra Clear Security Film

3M™ Ultra Clear Security Film

After 7 years of research and development, 3M™ presents their patented multi-micro layered security film: 3M Ultra Series Security Film. Think multiple layers of micro-thin film cross-laminated to increase resistance and keep your home or business highly secure. This patented cross-laminated pattern gives this security film its strength. Think of one weak layer of cardboard and then pile on multiple layers. The result is an exceptionally strong, tear-resistant product. Ask one of our experienced team for a demonstration of the 3M™ tear test to help you appreciate this product’s superior strength.

Security window film is 7 times thicker than standard film, reducing the risk of breakage and providing an invisible barrier against intruders. For those who want added privacy or heat control, security film is also available in a limited tinted range. It can be used alongside our popular Prestige 50 & 70, Night Vision 25 range of solar films. All of our security window films also protect against up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Please refer to our security film video  OR watch below for a demonstration of how security film prevents intruders from entering your property by attempting to smash windows.

The 3M Ultra Series Security film comes in both clear and tinted options.

Clear:  3M Ultra S600 and 3M Ultra S800 (for additional protection – eg against bomb blasts, severe weather)

Download the 3M Ultra Series Clear Family Card here.

Tinted (for the best of both worlds!):  3M Ultra Prestige – available in VLT of 50% and 70% and 3M Ultra Night Vision 25 600 – available in VLT of 25%.

Download the 3M Ultra Prestige Family Card here, and the 3M Ultra Night Vision Family Card here.

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