3M™ Night Vision™ Series

3M™ Night Vision™ Series

Up until now, it has been accepted that window films with the highest sun control and glare reduction capabilities are the ones that are most internally reflective, making them difficult to see through, especially at night.

This is no longer true, with 3M Night Vision Series of window films reducing solar heat by up to 71%, blocking 99% of damaging UV rays, and reducing glare by 83% – making it one of the top performers in sun control window tinting.

The products in this series are available in three visible light transmissions to meet your specific needs – NV15, NV25 and NV35. Night Vision’s interior reflectivity is significantly lower than competing films, allowing for more natural light in the room and a better view to the outside in all light conditions.

3M has developed the Night Vision window film with a patented technology that maximises sun control capabilities whilst reducing the reflectivity to allow for clear, unobstructed views. The same technology also makes the film colour-stable, therefore, significantly reducing the film fading and colour changes (turning purple) which often affects standard dyed film. An important feature of the Night Vision is the natural colour. Unlike some window tinting that casts bluish-grey tones into the room, Night Vision window film invites warm, natural light into your space, enhancing the ambience.

We think homeowners, especially in warm, sunny climates, will enjoy the many advantages that 3M Night Vision window film offers over other sun-control options, heavy drapes or blinds. Now with the ability to significantly block the amount of heat that is transmitted through windows, Night Vision film makes the home more comfortable whilst helping to reduce air-conditioning costs.

Night Vision also offers excellent day time privacy due to the external reflectivity of the film.

As with other 3M window film products, Night Vision carries one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry today for both product and installation.

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Download the Spec Card here: Night Vision Family Card