Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Your Local Perth Car Wrap Specialists

From spot graphics to full digitally printed wraps and everything in between, Complete Film Solutions can assist you with your vehicle graphics and wrapping needs, whether it is for your personal vehicle or a fleet of company cars.

Vehicle Wraps can be used for a multitude of purposes:

  • brand or business marketing
  • original paint protection (the wrap will protect your original paint beneath from minor scratches or sun fade)
  • vehicle renovation or tidy up (individual parts of cars can be wrapped where original paint has deteriorated or peeled, after the car has been sanded smooth first)
  • vehicle customisation

Car & Vehicle Wrap Design

Our talented graphic design team will work closely with you to help you create your car wrap design. If it’s for a commercial vehicle wrap, we will ask you to provide as much info as possible to help guide the design process. This includes:

  1. Your logo design.
  2. Info on your preferred fonts, colour schemes, a design/ style guide if you have one.
  3. Any images you wish to use.
  4. Any wording you want to include (e.g. web address, phone number, details about services/ products offered).
  5. Any examples of other designs you like.
  6. The “vibe” of what you want.

Our vinyl wrap design process is very similar to our personal vehicle wrap. The difference is we focus more on choosing colours and style rather than marketing points.

Once we have all the info provided by you, our specialist graphic design team will usually provide at least 2 alternative car wrap design proofs for you to review. You can then provide feedback on your preferred design or any tweaks you wish to see.

Vehicle Wraps Application

We not only provide Perth car wraps, but we can also do vinyl wrapping for:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Boats
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravans/ Campers
  • Racing vehicles/ trailers

Benefits of Wrapping your Vehicle

  • Visual impact/brand awareness
  • Protection of the original paintwork
  • Customise your vehicle to stand out from the crowd

Car & Vehicle Wrap FAQs

How much do car wraps cost?

 Cost of car wraps vary depending on a range of factors:

    • Size of vehicle.
    • Chosen wrap (some are more expensive than others).
    • Whether the wrap is a full, closed-door wrap, ¾ wrap, ½ wrap, or simple spot graphics.
    • Design input needed (if any).
    • Whether any prep work is required on the vehicle (e.g. light sanding back of peeling top coat).
    • Quantity of vehicles being wrapped (fleet discounts apply, and design time is only charged for the first vehicle if the same design is repeated).
  • As a guide, a full wrap could be $2500 + GST for a small vehicle, up to $6000 + GST for a very large or complex vehicle.
  • A partial wrap might range from $1500 to $4000 + GST, again depending on the extent and vehicle size
  • Spot graphics start from $380 + GST through to $1800 + GST
  • Design time/artwork charges are applied over and above the pricing above.

What material is used for vehicle and car wraps?

We are a 3M Platinum Select Provider for 3M Graphics and Window Film, so we primarily use only 3M products for vehicle wrapping such as the 3M 1080 and 3M 2080 Vehicle wraps. Custom designed wraps are printed on 3M IJ180MC. If your desired colour is not available within the 3M range, then we will attempt to source it via other proven brands.

How long do car wraps last?

The longevity of the car wrap will vary according to the following factors:

  1. Where the car is stored.
  2. How much UV, poor weather or coastal conditions your car is exposed to.
  3. How well your car is maintained.

You can expect to see at least 5 years longevity from a wrap and potentially up to 10-12 years for vehicles in good condition that are well maintained.

How long will it take to wrap my car from start to finish?

Up to 3 full days for a full wrap or less for smaller vehicles or partial wraps.

Do vehicle wraps affect or damage the paint?

Typically, no, if the paint is original factory paint in good condition. If your car has experienced any re-sprays or repair work, it is possible the wrap may lift paint in these repaired areas on the removal of the vinyl wrap.

Do vehicle wraps fade over time?

Sometimes wraps will fade over time, depending on levels of UV exposure, exposure to chemical irritants, quality of the base wrap material and method of printing (where applicable). We use a UV ink printer, which means our printed graphics are UV-stable, to promote maximum life span without fading. We can also, if needed, use an overlaminate on printed graphics to extend lifespan.

How to care for vehicle wraps?

You care for vehicle wraps much as you would with the original paintwork of your vehicle.  i.e. you should avoid using anything abrasive when cleaning, and while you can use car washes, it is best to stick with the touchless style of car washes. Regular washing with products designed for vinyl wraps will extend the life of your wrap.

Will wrapping hide my rust, dents or peeling paint?

In short, no. Dents, deep scratches and other anomalies will still be visible under the wrap, although it will be more or less obvious depending on the wrap style chosen (e.g. high gloss versus satin versus matte versus custom design print).

We will NOT wrap a vehicle with existing, untreated rust or peeling top coat, as the surface will continue to degrade under the wrap causing it to bubble and look unsightly. Any issues such as rust or peeling top coat will need to be repaired/ addressed before wrapping. We can quote on basic prep work only (e.g. light sanding of peeling top coat) subject to vehicle inspection but will request that you attend to any more intensive repairs needed before booking in your wrap install.