3M™ Ultra Night Vision Security Film

3M™ Ultra Night Vision Security Film

Want the best of both worlds?  Security as well as all the benefits of 3M’s high-performance solar film to reject heat, glare and prevent fading?  3M’s amazing Ultra S600 security window film is also available in 3 tinted variants:

The 3M Ultra Night Vision is ideal for people who are seeking a security film that will also provide day time privacy, as the film combines the benefits of Ultra S600 with the excellent day time privacy offered by the Night Vision Solar film – a metallic film with an attractive reflective charcoal finish.

Best of all, if you have existing windows that are already protected by security screens, where you would not normally install 3M Security window film, you can apply the tinted security film on the unprotected window, and then install the solar-film only equivalent on the panel protected by the security screen, so that both windows have the solar protection, but you’re only installing security where it is needed (which reduces the cost).

Download the Ultra SNV Family Card here for more information.


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