Frosted Office Partitions & Privacy Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

Frosted window film is great to create privacy on office partitions or meetings rooms. It can also add a striking appeal to your office space. It is great to ensure privacy day and night, with the film creating a privacy at night time, when the lights are on.

Frosted or privacy window film is ideal for clear glass in front entry door panels, bathroom glazing or for office partitions. Frosted films have the additional benefit of still allowing daylight, to keep your space light and airy during the day.

Decorative films can also enhance the look and feel of your office or business premises. It’s designed to last long term, but can be easily removed to keep your space updated and relevant.

We can also digitally print or computer cut a customised design to your frosted or coloured film, for a striking, individual design.

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