Light Management Films

Daylight or natural light is a welcome feature in most homes and commercial buildings, but with daylight, sometimes there are negative effects such as exposure to glare, heat, or loss of privacy.

Light management films seek to address and resolve these negative effects, while still maintaining the benefits of exposure to natural light.

Benefits of Natural Light

Exposure to high levels of natural light has many proven benefits such as:

  • decreased length of patient recovery times in health care settings
  • improved test scores in educational settings
  • improved feelings of well being and productivity amongst employees in the workplace
  • increased retail sales
  • reduced absenteeism in school and work places
  • improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills from reduced dependence on artificial lighting.

Light Management Films

3M has a range of light management films that may assist in your residential or commercial building, including:

  • 3M Daylight Redirection Film
  • 3M Decorative Privacy Films
  • 3M Solar Films

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