Security Window Film

You’ve worked hard to build your business or your investment portfolio. Don’t see that hard work get impacted after a break in at your commercial premise, and protect your property by the security offered by 3M Security Window Film.

After 7 years of research and development, 3M™ presents their patented multi-micro layered, cross laminated, Ultra security film – unmatched in strength by traditional, old technology, single or dual layer security films. The patented design incorporating, multiple layers and cross lamination increases resistance to stretching or breaks in the film, keeping your home or business highly secure.

Think of one weak layer of cardboard and then pile on multiple layers. The result is an exceptionally strong, tear resistant product. Ask one of our experienced team for a demonstration of the 3M™ tear test to help you appreciate this product’s superior strength.

For those who want added privacy or heat control, security film is also available in a limited tinted range consisting of:

  1. Ultra Night Vision (combined 3M Ultra Security film with Night Vision 25 Solar film) – ideal for day time privacy and optimal solar heat energy rejection as well as glare reduction.
  1. Ultra Prestige (combined 3M Ultra Security film with 3M Prestige range, available in two visible light transmissions of 50% or 70%) – ideal for maintaining as much natural light in your home, while providing the strongest heat rejection of both solar heat energy AND 97% of infra-red heat energy.

All of our clear and tinted security films protect against 99% of UV rays.

Please refer to our security film video here, for a demonstration of how security film prevents intruders from entering your property by attempting to smash windows.

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