Solar Window Film

Solar film is the absolute best way to reduce your household energy bills in both summer and winter!

We love our Perth summers, but they can3M Prestige 40 Exterior on Low-E Glass pretty quickly warm up our home, putting extra demand on your air-conditioner. Did you know the sun emits rays in 3 primary forms? Visible Light, Ultraviolet radiation and infra-red rays. Solar window film is the best option to address all three forms of damaging rays from the sun.

All 3M Window films (whether clear or tinted) stop a minimum of 99% of UV radiation, with the Prestige Window film stopping 99.9%. Traditional metal-based solar films, such as the Night Vision and P18 Silver range are very effective at stopping the solar energy heat – rejecting up to 77%, but the metal based films do not assist against infra-red heat rays.

Infra-red heat is best described as the heat you feel when you are shaded from the sun. It is the heat that reflects off or radiates through hard surfaces such as paving, walls or roof structures, and is the heat you still feel long after the sun has set. Only the newer technology films, such as the 3M Prestige and 3M Ceramic ranges, both non-metallic films, have extra properties that make them effective against infra-red heat. In fact the 3M Prestige is the highest performing solar film, due to its ability to reject a huge 97% of infra-red heat energy.

The film also helps to keep your home’s temperature consistent, reducing temperature variations caused by sunny and shaded areas. All of this means there is less demand on your air con, dramatically reducing your bills in summer.

3M also now has a near-invisible (75% VLT) low-e INSULATING window film called 3M Thinsulate, that has dual benefits for all year round comfort. This extraordinary film helps to retain indoor heat in winter, stopping the warmth from your heater or fire from escaping through the windows, while in Summer, it will reject solar heat energy and greatly reduce the transmission of radiant heat through your glass. While Perth winters are usually mild, reducing your heating bills will still help to save you money in the long run.

Considering installing low-e glass in your new build? Consider the 3M Thinsulate as an alternative option that will deliver the same heat retention benefits in winter, but will outperform low-e glass in summer – rejecting up to 60% of solar heat energy (Thinsulate CC40 option), AND it comes with 3M’s unbeatable lifetime residential warranty that you won’t get with low-e glass.

Solar Film will also protect your furniture, fittings and floors from fading and reduce up to 78% of unwanted glare from your television or computer.

3M’s Window Film range consists of 4 primary ranges:

  • Solar only window film
  • Clear Security window film
  • Dual benefit combined Solar and Security window film (great for the peace
    of mind offered by 3M’s Ultra Security range, combined with unparallelled
    heat rejection, privacy and aesthetics of the tinted options from the Night
    Vision or Prestige range)
  • Dual benefit Thinsulate low-e Insulating film for all year round benefits –
    heat retention in winter and heat rejection in summer.

3M Window film is a fantastic way to improve your home’s energy rating, with options to suit any priority, whether you wish to retain natural light, improve day time privacy, reduce glare, reject ALL forms of heat, improve safety or security, or prevent fading of your floors and soft furnishings.

Speak to one of our friendly experts, about the different window film options for your home. We are happy to provide a free measure and quote, and offer advice on the best solution for your Perth home – call us today!

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