3M Di Chroic Blaze at Carousel Shopping Centre

At CFSOLS we install all types of window film. We recently installed 3M™ Di Chroic Blaze for this retail store in Westfield Carousel. Check out the results.

3M Di Chroic Blaze at Carousel Shopping Centre

At Complete Film Solutions, we not only specialise in residential window film. We also offer commercial window film services to businesses across Perth and the South West region. Our team recently installed 3M™ Di Chroic Blaze to a commercial shop front in Westfield Carousel, Cannington.

What’s unique about this 3M™ window film product is that it’s a multi-coloured film that changes colour when viewed from different angles! It’s the perfect addition to any shop front signage and is a great way to revamp any type of commercial frontage.

3M™ Di Chroic Blaze

We added a pop of colour to this retail glass shop front with a product called 3M™ Di Chroic Blaze. The film shifts from warmer tones to cooler tones depending on how you’re viewing it and it can produce some really stunning effects! 3M™ Di Chroic isn’t just limited to glass shop front windows, other applications include shading fins, balustrades, glass automatic entry doors, glass partition walls, and more.

Need Signs or Graphics For Your Shop Front?

If you’re looking to give your glass shop front windows a new lease on life, why not consider 3M™ Di Chroic Blaze window film? At Complete Film Solutions, we know how important visual appeal is for driving foot traffic to your store. Our team of licensed installers have worked on custom shop fronts for retail businesses across Western Australia. We’re always here to work with you to come up with a custom solution to suit your needs.

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