Why 3M?

3M™ is an internationally recognised brand, known and trusted for design and manufacture of a wide range of industry leading products.  3M™ invented the very first window films over 50 years ago, and have spent the decades since further investing in research and development to further improve, innovate and deliver the strongest performing, and the most beautiful, films in the market.  With 3M™ Window Film, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality product with the most effective results, whether it is for the security of your home; reduction of heat/glare/ fading in your home, workplace or vehicle; or to enhance the visual appeal of your home or business.   Ask us for more information on how we can demonstrate the difference in quality between 3M™ and competitor products.

3M™ also stand behind their window film products with the most comprehensive warranty available in the market.  As well as our in-house installation warranty, our products are backed by 3M’s manufacturer’s warranty which will cover you comprehensively for removal of the defective product and re-installation of the replacement product, in the unlikely event that your 3M window film fails.

3M™ Film, when installed by a 3M™  Licensed Installer, warrants 3M™ Window Film Products against defects in materials; solar reflective issues such as cracking, grazing, peeling; adhesion issues such as blistering, bubbling or delamination; as well as discolouration issues.    Not only will any defective film be removed and replaced, the labour to do so is also covered by warranty.  The 3M Warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that it will be honoured by any 3M Licensed Window Film installer now and into the future, which offers extra protection for customers even if their original installer is no longer operating.

In Australia, supply and installation of the full range of 3M window film products is limited only to those installers who have been approved as a 3M Licensed Window Film Installer.  By choosing a 3M Licensed Window Film Installer, you can be assured of the utmost product knowledge, demonstrated and proven high quality of installation experience, and a dedicated commitment to excellent customer service.

3M Licensed Window Film Installer