Decorative, Frosted, Privacy Window Film

Breathe new life into your home or revamp your existing space with 3M’s frosted, decorative and privacy film.

An affordable alternative to glass etching and sand blasting, decorative film is a simple and cost-effective solution for your home or business.

Maintain privacy with our range of decorative films on bathroom and other windows, including an acid etched finish derived from Dusted Crystal Film or a sand blasted look from our Frosted range.

We can also offer decorative films from the full range of 3M™ Fasara films. Decorative films are the only option to provide you with both day and night time privacy. Solar films are very effective for day time privacy, but you lose the privacy effect as soon as the lights are on at night time and it is dark outside.

All films protect against U.V rays, ensuring your films retain their original vibrancy. Film can be used inside or out and is suitable for use on glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Although decorative film is designed for long term use, it can be removed after a short period of time, ensuring your image remains up to date.

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