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Most recent review – email from Ross K, in Belmont dated 12 September 2018.

I always intended to have window film on my new home as I have a lot of glass and wanted to cut my energy costs.

Whilst I had building experience before I had not used window film and became very unsure what to believe and who to believe to make decision on which film.

The decision to choose the film actually became the decision to choose the right people to start with.

Chris is one of the most tenacious, professional & service orientated people I have met. Her dedication to helping me make a decision is what won me over.

From start to finish, everything she said would happen, did happen, thanks Chris.

Brent & Jordan did a fantastic job with the install and left my home better than when they arrived. There may have been a little mess left beside the coffee table but in general totally professional.

Love the job guys….great film…great people to deal with, 10/10