Q1. Are the installers licensed and insured?

A1. Yes, all of our installers are licensed and fully insured. Additionally, all of our installers are direct employees of Complete Film Solutions. We choose not to use sub-contractors, so that we have direct control over the quality of the installation, as well as ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service from first contact until job completion.

Q2. Can Complete Film Solutions help with design work for our graphics?

A2. Yes, we can help with this. While most of our customers provide their own design or pre-designed graphics/ logos in an electronic format, our in-house designer can work with you to achieve your desired graphic design. Even if you have your own designs or logos, our Graphics Specialist can expand on these designs to provide a concept plan for visual advertising, whether it is for vehicle signage/ wrapping or digital print advertising at your business.  If you’re looking for ideas for design of a graphic for your home, whether it’s for frosted film or a custom wallpaper, we often point customers towards sites like Shutterstock as a starting point.

Q3. How do I clean my windows after the film is applied?

A3. The film has a hard abrasive-resistant coating on its surface, but care should still be taken while cleaning. The film side of the windows should NOT be cleaned for a period of 3 weeks after installation, to allow appropriate curing/drying time for the film. A microfibre cloth is a great way to clean your new film. Usually, you will only need to use a mild soap/ water mix, however if you do have tougher marks, it is safe to use methylated or white spirits to clean the film. Avoid anything containing a high concentration of ammonia as this will break down the film over a prolonged period. Any abrasive cleaning methods should also be avoided.

More information on our recommended cleaning process can be downloaded here.

Q4. Which side of the window does the film go?

A4. Most film applications will be internal as it is preferential to keep the film out of the elements for protection. There are, however, some specialist films that are installed on the external surface, such as the 3M Prestige Exterior range, which is applied on the external face of the glass, making it ideal for double glazed units and buildings with low-e glass. Similarly, anti-graffiti film is usually installed externally, as this is the side that is risk of graffiti damage.

Q5. How does anti graffiti film work?

A5. Anti graffiti film is a clear polyester film that is applied to the at-risk (usually external) surface of the glass. The anti-graffiti film does not stop graffiti from occurring. When graffiti DOES occur however, removal and replacement of the film is a much cheaper alternative than frequent replacement of the glass the film protects. Do you have glass that is already scratched? We provide a glass polishing service that can be effective in removing scratches prior to film installation, depending on the level of existing damage – again, this is a much more cost effective option than replacing the damaged glass with new glass. Contact us to arrange for a site inspection to determine if this is an option for you.

Q6. Will security film stop my glass breaking?

A6. No, it will not stop your glass breaking. However, it does hold the broken glass together making penetration a very difficult and time consuming process. Please refer to our video for a demonstration of how security film prevents intruders from entering your property by attempting to smash windows.

Q7. Are all films the same?

A7. No. Not all films are created equal. 3M™ has put many years of research into the development of all their films across the range, resulting in what we believe is a truly superior product, with an unrivalled warranty for your absolute peace of mind. Still not sure? If you have sample cards from any of our competitor films, we have tools available to complete a direct comparison demonstration to show the difference in performance.

Q8. What is the best film for providing privacy, so people can’t see in my home?

A8.  Many of the solar films will provide excellent day time privacy, and still allow vision out of your home, however there is NO film that will allow you to see out AND provide privacy for both day and night.  Solar films rely on a light imbalance to create a privacy effect.  At night time, once it is dark outside and you have lights on inside, this privacy effect is lost and people will be able to see straight into your home – hence you will still need to have curtains or blinds for night time privacy.  The only option to have both night time and day time privacy is to have frosted window film or coloured/ printed vinyls, however while these will still allow light in, they will not allow you to see out (unless we cut out parts of the film as viewing points).

Q9. What is ‘Di-Noc’ and what can it be used for?

A9. 3M™ ‘Di-Noc’ is a range of self-adhesive films, available in a wide combination of patterns from natural to hi-tech, which faithfully reproduce wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and many others. They offer unlimited creative flexibility and architectural freedom at reduced cost, compared to traditional materials used in construction, refurbishment, maintenance and repair. Its possible applications are very diverse and vary, amongst others, from commercial buildings, hotels, offices, to public transport and marine, even displays and equipment.

Q10. What should I do before the installer arrives?

A10. Ideally all window treatments (Curtains, blinds etc) should be pulled back or raised, and any obstructions to the work area be removed to allow the installer clear access to the windows to be filmed. Installers are not permitted to move furniture due to Occupational Safety and Health reasons. Window sills should be cleared of any items, and any items that may be sensitive to water mist exposure should be removed from the installation area.

Successful installation of window film can be impacted by the presence of air-borne dusts and pet hair, should these get trapped between the glass and the film. To minimise the impact of these, we ask that you close any air vents or air conditioning outlets in the area being filmed and remove pets from the area prior to installation. Cleaning and dusting can stir up dust particles, so it is best not to vacuum on the day of or day prior to installation. Our installers will clean the interior surface of your glass (or exterior for external film application) during installation, however if your window tracks or frames are very dirty, the quality of your installation will be enhanced with clean tracks/ frames.

Additionally, for the Occupational Safety and Health of our installers, we respectfully request that you and other house occupants refrain from smoking in the presence of our installers.

Q11. I don’t want your installers to wear shoes in my home as I’m concerned about dirt or marks – can they please take their shoes off before they come inside?

A11. Please note that all of our installers are required to wear Safety Boots at all times when on site. For Occupational Safety and Health Reasons, we are not able to remove our shoes to complete your installation. Should you be concerned regarding your flooring surface, our installers are able to use boot covers over their safety boots and can use drop sheets on request.

Q12. Why did the Product Rep want to know what type of glass I have in my windows?

A12. Not all window films are suitable for all glass types. For example, if you have low-e glass, this is not compatible with internal window film application as any film applied internally will nullify all the benefits of the low-e coating, so we would recommend an externally applied solar film instead. Similarly, better results and performance is achieved for double glazing with an externally applied film.

If you have laminated glass, we need to avoid any darker coloured films, as the combination of darker films with laminated glass can increase the risk of thermal cracking of your glass.

If you have toughened glass and are installing security film, then we need to assess the window frame suitability for 3M Ultraflex, as window film alone on toughened glass is insufficient to deter entry, as shown in our security video here.

Q13. What is 3M Ultraflex?

A13. 3M Ultraflex is a construction grade, silicon-based adhesive used in the installation of 3M Security film (clear or tinted) to toughened glass window, door or sidelight panels. Because of the way toughened glass breaks, security film alone is not sufficient protection to deter forced entry, as explained in our security video here.

The 3M Ultraflex effectively bonds the film to the glass and the frame to create one very strong unit. Laminated glass and float glass break very differently to toughened glass, and thus do not require 3M Ultraflex, as the film alone is sufficient to hold any broken glass very firmly within the frame. If you have toughened glass in your home (usually identifiable by a small stamp in the corner of the glass), then our Product Representative will assess your frames for suitability for the 3M Ultraflex (as sufficient “purchase” is required on the frame edge for the Ultraflex to adhere to).

If the frames will not support the 3M Ultraflex, our Product Rep will advise of alternative options to ensure your security.

Q14. What payment options do you offer?

A14. We offer EFTPOS, Bank transfer, credit card (Mastercard/ Visa only), cash or cheque. Please note that payment is required in full on job completion. For certain jobs, a deposit may be required prior to commencement.

Q15. Why should we choose 3M™ Window Film over other products?

A15. 3M™ is an internationally recognised brand, known and trusted for design and manufacture of a wide range of industry leading products. With 3M™ Window Film, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality product with the most effective results, whether it is for the security of your home; reduction of heat/glare/ fading in your home, workplace or vehicle; or to enhance the visual appeal of your home or business. Ask us for more information on how we can demonstrate the difference in quality between 3M™ and competitor products.

3M™ also stand behind their window film products with the most comprehensive warranty available in the market. As well as our in-house installation warranty, our products are backed by 3M’s manufacturer’s warranty which will cover you comprehensively for removal of the defective product and re-installation of the replacement product. 3M™ Film, when installed by a 3M™ Licensed Installer, warrants 3M™ Window Film Products against defects in materials; solar reflective issues such as cracking, grazing, peeling; adhesion issues such as blistering, bubbling or delamination; as well as discolouration issues. Not only will any defective film be removed and replaced, the labour to do so is also covered by warranty. Ask our competitors if their warranty covers all of the above, and for the same length of time, as 3M’s warranty!