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Choosing the right film for your home can seem like a daunting process, with so many film types and different manufacturers to choose from.

Sometimes the best place to start, is to work out what is your priority on what you want the film to do?

For example, solar film priorities include:

  • reducing heat
  • reducing glare
  • reducing fading of soft furnishings
  • maintaining a view while reducing heat

Security film priorities might be to:

  • prevent entry by intruders
  • protect against injury in the case of accidental breakage (eg full height windows in homes around small children)
  • provide protection against breakage AND assist with reducing heat (tinted security film range)

Graphic films may be chosen to:

  • provide privacy or hide unsightly areas (for example, frosting on entry doors, bathroom glazing or to hide items visible through clear glazing (eg messy butler’s pantry, ugly external items such as clotheslines/ hot water systems).
  • enhance the beauty of your home – for example using digitally printed glazing film or our new custom-designed wallpaper to add “Wow factor” to your interior design.
  • update or refurbish hard furnishings (eg vinyl wrapping from the extensive Di-Noc film range to update kitchen cabinets, wardrobe doors, benches and splashbacks).

Next, what type of look do you prefer for your film?  Do you prefer a tinted film that is darker in external appearance that provides additional daytime privacy, or would you prefer a film that provides excellent heat rejection properties without much change to the glass appearance, to preserve external views?  Maybe you like the look of a silver tint finish, which has the “mirror effect” from outside the house.

Do you want your graphic film to have a “sparkle” effect, high shine or matte look?  Do you wish to have a texture through your wall paper or Di-Noc film wrapping?

Thirdly, compare between your different manufacturers’ and suppliers to find out exactly what their warranty covers.  3M™ Films offer a lifetime warranty for residential solar and security films installed by Licensed 3M™ Dealers such as Complete Film Solutions.  Importantly, this warranty covers not only the cost of the film, but also the labour required to remove any failed film and to install the new replacement film.

Complete Film Solutions aims to provide the best possible service, from time of first contact and free measure/quote, through to the installation of the chosen product and invoicing process.

We believe our Product Representative is the most knowledgeable in the film industry in Perth, to assist you with any questions you have and to help you make the right decision for your home.   If you’re still in the building phase, our Representative can provide an indicative price from house plans and elevations if you are able to provide these.

We pride ourselves on using only direct employees for all of our installation work, rather than use sub-contractors, so that we can be assured of a quality, timely and tidy installation, with minimal intrusion into your time and home.

Call us now to find out how we can best assist you with window tinting and/ or security film for your home.

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Download 3M’s Residential Window Film Brochure here.