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Window Tinting For Homes

Complete Film Solutions initially started out catering for commercial window tinting clients. However, we’ve since grown to accommodate the increasing demand for home window tinting for the South West region of WA. Residential window tinting provides its benefits year-round. Get in contact with the team today to learn how your home can benefit from window films.

What are the benefits of Residential Window Tinting?

Window Films have many benefits. Many homeowners opt for quality window tinting film on their property because:

  • Home window tinting can provide additional privacy without losing your view.
  • Newer films can offer enormous heat rejection while still maintaining high levels of natural light.
  • Privacy films can hide unsightly areas (for example, frosting on entry doors, bathroom glazing, or hiding items visible through clear glazing (eg. messy butler’s pantry, ugly external items such as clotheslines/ hot water systems).

Applications of Home Window Film Tint

We offer window tinting for houses in the entire South West region of Western Australia! Our range of quality window film services includes the design, supply, installation, and removal of various window films including:

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Complete Film Solutions aims to provide the best possible service, from the time of first contact and free measure/quote, through to the installation of the chosen product and invoicing process.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial window tinting client, call us now to find out how we can best assist you with window tinting and/ or security film for your home or business.

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Download 3M’s Residential Window Film Brochure here.


How much does home window tinting cost?

As there are many different types of home window films available on the market, costs can vary.  We’ve put together a Home Window Tinting Price Guide to help you further understand how costs for home window film installation are calculated, but the best and easiest way to find out pricing is to arrange a free quote!

How do you clean home window tint film?

Regular cleaning of your window films can help keep them in top condition and protect you from any unwanted damage. Avoid using harsh or abrasive methods when washing because this could cause scratches on the surface that could deteriorate further over time. We recommend using warm soapy water or mild detergents for best results.

How do you install home window tint film?

You should always call a licensed installer when installing window tint film in your home. They will be able to ensure that the film is installed properly and will meet all your needs for many years to come. At Completion Film Solutions, our installers take care of it all. For efficient service, we just ask that you clear the space surrounding your windows prior to our installers arriving.

How effective is window tinting for houses?

Home window tinting is an effective solution for a variety of problems you may face. For example, solar films prioritise reducing glare and heat in the home, which can effectively help you save on energy bills. Security films on the other hand do a fantastic job at creating a safer environment in the event of a break-in or window damage. Explore our range of window tinting options online or chat with our team for expert advice.

How do you determine what home window tinting film is best for you?

The best place to start is to work out what you want the film to achieve. Next, what type of look do you prefer for your film? Do you prefer a tinted film that is darker in external appearance that provides additional daytime privacy, or would you prefer a film that provides excellent heat rejection properties without much change to the glass appearance, to preserve external views? Maybe you like the look of a silver or reflective tint finish, which has the “mirror effect” from outside the house.

Do you want your graphic film to have a “sparkle” effect, high shine, or matte look? Do you wish to have a texture through your wallpaper or Di-Noc film wrapping?

The team at Complete Film Solutions is always extremely happy to help you find the right window films for your needs.

How long does home window tinting last?

It can last up to 15 years but it depends on the quality of the tint, the climate, and how often it is cleaned. However, not all window tints are created equal. If you want your tint to last for up to 15 years, be sure to choose a high-quality product that is made for homes. And be sure to have it installed by a licensed professional who knows what they’re doing. 3M™, as the world’s leading window film manufacturer, offers a lifetime warranty for the majority of their residential window film products. If your film was to fail, discolour or peel 25 years after you had it installed – 3M will cover the costs of the film removal and replacement with an equivalent product for the original purchaser.