Solar Window Film

Solar film is an energy efficient way to cool your office, commercial property or car, by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Solar Film also helps you enjoy the natural light in your office, whilst maintaining privacy and reducing glare on computer screens and other surfaces.

Does your office or commercial property have large windows? These look great for your business, but can be a nightmare to keep the rooms cool during our hottest months in the South West, Western Australia. Solar film is a great way to keep your office cooler, while still letting in plenty of natural light.

3M Solar Control film regulates the temperature in your space the rooms (eliminating hot and cool spots), which helps your air conditioning system run more efficiently.

3M have an extensive range of solar films, that can be paired with some other great features, such as tinting, privacy and one-way film. You can also take advantage of the anti-graffiti and security film, to help keep your office or commercial property secure.

Call us today and we will send one of our window film experts to your property, to give you advice on the best solution for your business.

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