3M™ Prestige™ Exterior Series

3M™ Prestige™ Exterior Series

Did you know that if window film is installed on the internal face of low-e glass, it will negate ALL of the benefits of low-e glass?  This is due to the film covering the low-e coating that exists only on the internal face of low-e glazing.  This coating needs to be exposed in order to be effective.  Further, the usual cleaning process used to clean glass prior to film installation will potentially damage the low-e coating leaving unsightly scratches.  Should your film ever need to be removed in the future for some reason, the process of removal will also damage the delicate low-e coating on the glass.

BUT, what do you do if you’ve installed low-e glass and find that it just isn’t doing enough to stop the heat in Western Australia’s intense summers?

Luckily, 3M has the answer:  3M Prestige Exterior Film.  This amazing film has all of the technology and benefits of the 3M Prestige range , but has been specifically designed for an external application, making it one of the only films that can be effectively and safely used on low-e glass to give you fantastic heat rejection performance, while also maintaining all the benefits of your low-e glass.

Available in a range of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) options of 40%, 70% and the lightest solar film of all, 90%, there is a film for every situation, and to address every secondary priority (after heat rejection) whether it is to provide privacy, reduce glare, maintain optimum natural light levels.

3M Prestige Exterior is also ideal for double glazing, where traditional, internally applied window films are not as effective.  Due to the structure of double glazed units, if film is applied to the internal face, the heat still penetrates the first layer of glass in the unit and heats the gaseous space between the two panes of glass.  This will increase the workload of the internal film trying to reject heat once it has already reached that space.  3M Prestige Exterior film, through it’s external application, will prevent the heat from even reaching the internal gaseous space and will result in much higher and efficient performance.