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What is 3M™ security window film?

3M™ residential window security film is a fantastic way to keep your home safe and secure, whether from inclement weather, accidental glass breakage or attempted illegal entry. Applied to existing glass windows and doors, security window film consists of one or more layers of polyester film laminated together with a strong adhesive. If a window which has security window film applied is smashed or broken, the film will hold the glass shards together, to prevent illegal entry, protect against flying broken glass and reducing safety hazards. See our video demonstration of security window film here.

How do security window films keep your property safe?

Security window films are designed to make it very difficult for an intruder to gain entry into properties through a glass window or door. After impact, the security window film will keep the shattered glass held firmly together. An intruder would need to sustain a prolonged attack against the glass, requiring a high level of physical effort and risking attracting attention through the noise created and time spent on your property in order to gain entry. It is much more likely that an intruder will quickly move on to an easier target rather than run the risk of being apprehended.
3M™ security window film also has the added benefit of protecting your loved ones from injury from accidental shattered glass fragments, be it from a flying football or severe weather.

How thick should security window film be?

In the past, thicker film usually meant stronger film.  . Thicker films are usually constructed by laminating multiple layers of thinner film together. As the thickness of the film increases, the degree of break strength, tear strength, and puncture strength also increases. Security window film typically ranges in thickness from 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns) or more. For most security applications 7 mils to 14 mils thickness are ideal.  A “mil” is actually a “thousandth of an inch”, not millimetres, so an 8 mil security film is actually just over 0.2 millimetres thick.

That said, newer technology films such as 3M Ultra S600 is only 6 mils thick (approx. 0.15mm) and is thinner than many security films, however, this film will outperform many thicker films, as it is constructed of many, many micro thin layers, cross-laminated in opposing directions, creating an extremely high performing security film without the thickness.  This allows improved window clarity and decreased downtime, as is it more time efficient to install compared to very thick films.

How long does security window film last?

You can expect your security window film to last at least 10 to 15 years if well maintained and cleaned in accordance with manufacturer instructions. That said, 3M™ as the world’s leading security film manufacturer, offers a LIFETIME Warranty for residential installation for the purchasing homeowner, so if your film was to fail, discolour, peel or delaminate, even 25 years after you had the film installed, the cost of removal and replacement with a new product is covered by 3M™.

What are the benefits of security window film?

When applied properly, security window film can be used to greatly enhance the security of regular glass. It can provide the following benefits:

  • Increase the overall strength of the window, which can often delay or prevent entry by an intruder.
  • Can be applied to both glass doors and windows.
  • Can reduce glass related injuries that would be caused by flying glass when a window is shattered. This could occur because of an act of vandalism, a break in, an accident, or a natural disaster.
  • Can bring older, thin glass up to current building code, to improve the safety of your home’s glass.
  • Intruders will be deterred from breaking and entering your property because they can’t gain easy access.
  • All 3M™ window films, including security film, stop a minimum of 99% of UV rays, which reduces premature fading of your flooring, curtains, artwork and furniture.
  • Certain types of security window film have a dual purpose: security film and solar film in a single product which, like other 3M™ window films, will reduce heat and glare in your home, and reduce energy costs.

3M™ security film encompasses 3 distinct ranges of security films for residential homeowners:

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There is a film option for every budget and every need, whether you are concerned about protecting your loved ones from injury as a result of accidental glass breakage from human error or inclement weather, or if you wish to secure your home against forced entry or home invasion, security film is the right choice for you! Plus, did you know we even offer a wide range of commercial films for office spaces and other commercial buildings?

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