Security Window Film Perth

Security Window Film is an effective way to keep your Perth home safe and secure. The security film makes it very difficult for an intruder to gain entry into your home through a glass window or door. It does this by holding the shattered glass very firmly together (see our video demonstration here).

An intruder would need to sustain a prolonged attack against the glass, risking attracting attention through the noise created and time spent on your property in order to gain entry. It is much more likely that, upon encountering 3M Window Film installed on your windows, that they will quickly move on to an easier target rather than run the risk of being apprehended.

3M Security Window Film also has the added benefit of protecting your loved ones from injury from accidental shattered glass, be it from a flying football or severe weather.

3M Security Film encompasses 3 distinct ranges for the residential home owner:

  1.  3M Clear Safety and Security Series
  2. 3M Ultra Clear Security Film
  3. 3M Ultra Tinted Security Film

There is a film option for every budget and every need, whether you are concerned about protecting your loved ones from injury as a result of accidental glass breakage from human error or inclement weather, or if you wish to secure your home against forced entry or home invasion.

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