3M™ Clear Safety Series Film

3M™ Clear Safety Series Film

Aside from the unrivalled 3M Ultra S600 Security Film, 3M also offers entry-level safety or security window film for those on a budget or seeking safety film for other reasons than to deter break-ins.

The 3M Safety Series consists of:

  • 3M S40
  • 3M S70
  • 3M S80
  • 3M S140

While we would always recommend the 3M Ultra S600 or S800 as the ultimate protection against break-ins, earthquakes, blast protection and to improve the safety of existing glazing, the 3M security film Clear Safety and Security Series can also be an option to assist in:

  • Upgrading of existing thin or old glass to ensure it meets current Australian Standard 1288- Human Impacts, to protect your loved ones from accidental glass breakage by human error or inclement weather
  • Protection of premises against graffiti damage
  • Protect loved ones from injury or property damage from spontaneous glass breakage (for example glass shower screens, glass pool fencing, glass balustrading)
  • Reduction of fading from UV radiation (blocks 99%) in areas where you do not wish to install tinted film (for example in windows already shaded or not susceptible to high heat where you wish to block UV but not lose any light in your internal rooms)
  • Deter break-ins or forced entry by criminals

Read more about the 3M Safety and Security Series film here.


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