3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

3M™ Daylight Redirection Film is a solution to glare or excess light through highlight windows, while helping natural light penetrate further into buildings and reducing dependence on artificial lighting.

Employees working close to large windows in buildings often experience discomfort caused by excess light and glare in their work area.  Traditionally, this has resulted in use of window blinds on the offending windows, which assists with the discomfort, but reduces the natural light for everyone in the work area, and can cause increased energy bills through heightened use of artificial lighting.

Daylight redirecting film MOVES the excess light from areas closest to the window and REDIRECTS it deeper into the building space.  This spreads the natural light for more of the building occupants, and ensures that more people feel the many benefits of natural light exposure (increased productivity and concentration, feelings of well being, recovery from illness etc).  Because the natural light is now extending further into the building, lighting can be reviewed and reduced in areas now benefiting from increased light, thus decreasing energy bills and improving energy efficiency.

Unlike older technology daylight re-direction strategies, including external window shading structures, 3M™ Daylight Redirection Film is easily applied to new or existing windows, and does not require any additional hardware or infrastructure.  It works at all times of the day, regardless of where the sun is positioned, and it is more cost effective than existing daylighting solutions, both at the time of install, and ongoing, as it requires little to no additional maintenance or specialised cleaning.

In summary, 3M™ Daylight Redirection Film:

  • reduces discomfort experienced from glare or excess light on building occupants
  • redirects natural light back up towards the ceiling space and further penetrating into the building space by as much as 13 metres or more
  • can provide up to 52% energy savings for lighting compared to baseline usage prior to install
  • saves up to 1.5kwh of energy use per square foot of floor area in treated areas
  • ensures the benefits of natural light exposure are shared by a higher proportion of occupants of a building.

Download the Daylight Redirection Film Brochure here.

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