3M Dichroic Decorative Film

3M Dichroic Decorative Film

3M™’s Dichroic film is a revolutionary product that changes colour depending on lighting sources, location and types, angles, background, and where you stand when viewing. Perfect for shop fronts, the film provides an eye-catching way to attract attention and promote your business.

Why Choose Dichroic Glass Film

3M™ Dichroic Decorative window film comes in two different colours – Blaze (warmer tones of cyan, blue and magenta) and Chill (cooler tones of blue, magenta and yellow). It is suitable for most glass types and is an extremely versatile and affordable option that can create some impressive effects. This product uses 3M™’s multi-layer optical film technology that is used in many other residential and commercial window film products, which is how the stunning colour changing effect is created when viewing from various angles.

This product is also fade-resistant and backed by 3M™’s warranty. As with all of our products, we handle the installation process to get the best results and to ensure the longevity of the product. So if you’re looking for an unique way to add some colour and style to your business, then consider 3M™ Dichroic Decorative films.

Secure Your Retail Shopfront

At Complete Film Solutions, we’ve worked with a variety of retail businesses across Western Australia. For stores with street frontage, it’s important to also think about security. 3M™ are also a leading manufacturer of security window film. Security film ensures any glass shards are held together upon impact and makes illegal entry more challenging. when installed internally External application of security film or anti-graffiti film deters vandals and protects the underlying glass against graffiti damage.

Learn More About 3M Dichroic Blaze

Contact the team at Complete Film Solutions to learn about 3M™ Dichroic film or to request a free measure and quote. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, we can provide you with the advice and support you need to get the best results for your home or business. Call us today on 0417 510 316 or send us an email at brent@cfsols.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.