Custom Made Protective Film for Sandblasting Visors in the Mining Industry

We don’t just do window film. We recently helped a WA mining company with a custom solution for their sandblasting visors. Check out the finished product on our website! »

Custom Made Protective Film for Sandblasting Visors in the Mining Industry

At Complete Film Solutions, we don’t just work on homes and commercial premises. We’ve developed a reputation over the last 14 years of helping source and implement film solutions for many out of the box situations. One of our mining clients recently required a sacrificial and removable film for their sandblasting visors, that would also assist with issues of glare and heat.

It’s no secret that Australia’s mine sites can experience the harshest of conditions. The primary purpose of the film is to protect the underlying visor surface, which can easily become scratched and damaged due to the harsh conditions of sandblasting tasks as well as the environment where the task occurrs. Replacing the original visor becomes expensive over time, while removing and replacing a protective film layer is much more cost effective solution.

While there are existing visor “protectors” on the market, most of these are just stuck on to the existing visors using sticky tabs – they do not adhere to the full face of the visor, and this leaves a gap between the visor and the protective layer. Sand can still enter this gap and cause damage/ scratches to the visor surface. The visor protectors that we created are different in three ways:

  1. The film visor protector is custom cut to exactly fit the visor brand and model used by the mining company, so the whole surface is protected and DIY installation is easier.
  2. The film adheres to the whole surface with no gaps, providing optimal protection of the underlying surface.
  3. We use a dedicated protective film, that is also reflective, and suitable for application to acrylic surfaces (most reflective films are only suitable for glass). The reflective nature of the film used also helps to deliver benefits from heat and glare reduction in the harsh Western Australian climate where this sandblasting is being done.

When it comes to safety, there’s no such thing as too much protection. That’s why we also offer customisable options. We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a range of solutions tailored to suit every client’s needs.

Reflective Film

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