Stylish and Practical Options for Window Privacy

Here are some stylish and practical window privacy options to try in your home.

Stylish and Practical Options for Window Privacy

Trying to find a stylish and practical option for window privacy can be overwhelming.

Many options exist – curtains, blinds, shutters, external roller shutters, stained glass, etched glass to name but a few.  Some of these options are however costly, difficult to install, or may provide privacy at the expense of your natural light or being able to see out.

There is an elegant and versatile solution that solves all these issues: window privacy film.

Window privacy film is a lightweight film that can be easily applied to windows or glass doors to provide privacy while still letting in light. It brings a whole range of benefits. It’s affordable, versatile with lots of options, can be applied easily without damaging your existing glass, and can be removed with little hassle.

What’s more, there are lots of exciting options for window privacy film, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

Here are some window privacy options to try in your home.

frosted privacy film is the perfect privacy solution

Pic: Frosted window film is the perfect privacy solution

Frosted Window Film

Frosted film is perfect for providing window privacy at any time of the day or night, retaining its qualities even once you switch the lights on after dark.

It comes in a range of standard white variants, allowing you to choose a matte or sparkle look to suit your décor. You can even choose a variety that is more resistant to fingerprints and greasy marks if you have young children or pets at home.

As well as its use for windows, you can also create a stylish finish to glass surrounds and cabinets in your kitchen. Versatile and hardworking, this is a classic choice for any home.

Etched Glass Look

Emulate the expensive look of etched glass with window privacy film. This beautiful option is perfect if you favour the vintage look…at a fraction of the price of the real thing! If you prefer a more modern vibe, you can also choose designs with words or cut-out contemporary patterns to update your home.

3M sandblast with computer cut vintage style design to create an etched glass look

Pic:  3M Sandblast with computer cut vintage style design to create an etched glass look

One-Way Mirror/ Reflective window film

One-way mirror  (or also known as reflective) window film provides the ultimate in privacy for windows during the day. Ideal if you have a window facing a busy street or simply value the security it affords, this option is the easy and affordable alternative to installing one-way mirror glass. One-way mirror window films also offer UV protection and heat rejection to give you the ultimate day-time privacy, in a cooler, bright but safe environment.   Unlike frosted film options, this film will still allow you clear vision outside your windows, with the peace of mind that people cannot see in.

Please note that you will still require blinds or other window treatments on windows with mirror film installed, as the privacy effect relies on a light imbalance.  Once the lights are on inside your home, and it is dark outside, the privacy effect is lost.

3M Night Vision 15 – one of the options for day time privacy using a reflective film.

Pic:  3M Night Vision 15 – one of the options for day time privacy using a reflective film.

Custom Printed Film

Custom window privacy film allows your imagination to run wild. All you need do is choose an image or design that can be uploaded and printed on your window privacy film.

There is no limit to the design possibilities – it could be a piece of art created by one of the family, your loved ones’ names, or an up-to-the-minute design you’ve been inspired by.

This fun, stylish and practical way of decorating your living space will make it extra special, creating a personalised feel.

You can also use custom film to create unique look in your office or other workspace. Combine the functional privacy benefits with the opportunity to create an aesthetic that complements your brand.

The options don’t stop there. Did you know you can also get specialised security film that holds shattered glass together, and energy efficient solar or insulating window films that stops UV radiation and keeps your house at a comfortable temperature in the summer or winter?

To enhance or update and decorate your home in a unique and stylish way with window privacy film, get in touch with our team today. We’ll help find an option to suit you.

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