Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Window Tint For Your Home

Considering installing ceramic tint on your home or office windows? Here’s everything you need to know about 3M™’s Ceramic Series window films.

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Window Tint For Your Home

With energy costs tipped to continue rising, you may be looking into ways you can save some money on your energy bills. Have you ever considered ceramic window tint for your home or business premises? 3M™’s Ceramic Series window film delivers high clarity and outstanding heat reduction. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to improve energy efficiency and reduce glare, while enjoying a crystal-clear view. Here’s everything you need to know about ceramic window tint.

What is ceramic tint?

Ceramic tint is a type of window film made with ceramic particles. It’s designed to offer superior heat rejection and UV protection, whilst maintaining optical clarity. It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. 3M™ ‘s Ceramic Series comes in three levels of visible light transmissions to meet your needs, these are CM30, CM40 and CM50.

How does 3M™ Ceramic Series window tint work?

3M™ uses its own Nanotechnology to create ceramic particles that are so fine that they can’t be seen by the naked eye or even by an ordinary microscope. These ceramic particles are used in the construction of the film. The result is a film that has all the benefits of other window film products but has the added benefit of retaining its appearance and clarity over time.

What are the benefits of Choosing 3M™’s ceramic tint for your home or business?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to take advantage of 3M™’s latest ceramic technology:

Proven infrared heat rejection

Infrared rays are felt in the form of infrared heat. The feeling is best described as the heat you can feel radiating off hard surfaces, even when shaded by the sun. 3M™’s nanotechnology has been proven to reject up to 59% of the heat coming through your windows. This helps keep your home or office cooler in the summer, which can lead to reduced energy costs.

High levels of UV protection

3M™ ceramic films also offer up to 99% protection from harmful UV rays. This can help reduce fading of furniture and flooring from the blinding sunlight and also protects your skin from harsh UV rays.

Non-metallised film

The ceramic particles are non-metallised, meaning you’ll have no issues with signal interference from mobile phones, GPS systems, or radios.

Superior clarity and colour stability backed

One of the main reasons people opt for ceramic films is its ability to retain its colour and appearance over time. You may notice low-quality window films discolour and corrode and fade over time, you won’t notice this with 3M™’s ceramic technology.

Covered by 3M™’s comprehensive warranty

When your ceramic tint is installed by a 3M™ Licensed Installer, like Complete Film Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered by 3M™’s extensive manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of ceramic window film for many years to come.

Is ceramic window tint worth the cost?

Yes, ceramic window tint is worth the investment because of its durability. You may be able to find cheaper films on the market but their quality will not match 3M™’s advanced ceramic technology. DIY window films tend to chip, fade and bubble over time, whereas 3M™ ceramic window tint is designed to last for up to 15 years.

Where is ceramic tint installed?

Ceramic tint can be installed in a variety of places, most commonly on the windows of homes, commercial buildings, and schools. While some 3M window films can be installed both externally and internally, 3M™ Ceramic film is only recommended (and warranted) for internal installation.

How does the 3M™ Ceramic Series compare to the Prestige or Night Vision Series?

The 3M™ Ceramic Series provides a happy median both in performance and price point between the 3M™ Prestige and Night Vision Series. It offers a higher level of light transmission, clarity and infrared heat rejection than the Night Vision Series, however, 3M Prestige does outperform 3M Ceramic in both solar and infra-red heat rejection (albeit at additional cost). The main difference is, the ceramic film contains a layer of ceramic material.

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