8 Things to Consider When Building a House

Ensuring you have everything budgeted for when building a house can get overwhelming. Here are 8 small things that get forgotten when building a house.

8 Things to Consider When Building a House

There are so many things to consider when you’re building a new house, so you could be forgiven for overlooking some features during the building process that could improve your quality of life or put a personal touch on your property. With so many people working from home and using the space as an office, you want your space to be as comfortable as possible.

Below, we’ve covered eight things that often get forgotten when building a house that will help you personalise your space and maximise your investment into the project. Best of all, these house building tips can easily be fitted after your home is finished.

1. Solar window film

Solar window film can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of heat absorbed by your home in those hot Australian summers without compromising natural light. Without window film, your home can rapidly heat up, which places extra load on your air conditioner, increasing both wear and your electricity bill. What’s more, with high-quality window films, you could stop at least 99% of UV radiation, protecting your loved ones and stopping your flooring, wallpaper, and soft furnishings from fading over time.

2. Security system

The peace of mind afforded to you by a good security system can’t be understated. With a few small cabling holes in your masonry, you can soon have full-coverage CCTV guarding the exterior of your new-build home. This technology has come a long way with the addition of products like Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell, so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be very minimalistic. Much like solar window film, security window film can also offer greater protection to your home than a plain window.

3. Air conditioning

Aussies spend a combined $3.7 billion on aircon each summer, with most households running the thermostat at around 22.2 degrees. In fact, most households have air conditioners to keep up with the intense heat of an Australian summer. Split-system air conditioners are the most common installations in Australian homes, combining an indoor and outdoor unit. The cost of a new system averages at around $600 to $5,500, and you’ll typically pay around $600 to $800 for the professional installation you’ll need.

4. Custom shelves

You can never have enough storage space. Once you’ve finished with the plaster and paint, give some thought to custom shelving. In the right place, a custom shelf can create an impressive focal point, such as a multimedia unit positioned in your lounge or console units in the hallway. Not only can this increase the appeal of any room in your new home, but it also provides that much-needed extra storage space.

5. USB outlets

Between your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other devices, you could benefit from installing USB outlets in place of traditional faceplates. You’ll appreciate the convenience that comes with not having to unplug your lamp or other electronics to boost your batteries. While relatively inexpensive, a sufficient number of power points and USB outlets are some of the most common, small things that get forgotten when building a house.

6. Smart home devices

With the exception of some wired, exterior security cameras, most smart home devices can be installed without any drilling. The technology has already progressed to the point that you can unlock your front door with your smartphone or boil the kettle without even getting out of bed. You can even upgrade your reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems with smart-home compatible devices, like iZone, that will allow you to turn your system on and off, or adjust the settings from the office before you come home.

7. External lighting

When building a house, people often focus on the internal features of the home but don’t forget the importance of sufficient external lighting – whether it’s to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home at night, help with finding your way in after dark, or to improve security by ensuring that your home has sensor lights that illuminate when there is movement near potential entry points into your home. Don’t forget the gardens! Garden lighting can add a beautiful mood to your outdoor spaces for increased use all year round. Positioning a light at the base of a tree to throw light up into the tree branches is particularly effective.

8. Solar Panels

Australia is known for its bright sun and long summer days, so why not take advantage of it? Solar panels will provide you with sustainable home energy that can be utilised all year round. Plus, you’ll save on energy bills in the long run. It’s a no-brainer! The other great thing about solar panels is they require very little maintenance meaning once they’re installed you can kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of solar.

Whether you’re in the middle of the building process or you’ve just received your keys, these eight house building tips can easily be implemented after the construction of your new house has been completed. Depending on how many you choose to use, they could drastically improve your comfort at home and even property value.

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