Office Window Tinting – Top Custom Tint Options

Top custom tint options for your office space.

Office Window Tinting – Top Custom Tint Options

Window tint has come a long way in the past decade. There are a range of customised benefits to installing window film to your office, which can save you money, boost your marketing and increase security for your premises. We have put together our top custom tint options for your office space, which may also be beneficial for any commercial or residential windows.


For offices with a store front in a high-traffic area where you consistently worry about vandals, consider anti-graffiti window film, which can help prevent vandals from  doing damage to your windows. Graffiti is something that could strike your store front at any time. If you want to avoid the costly process involved with removing graffiti, stop it at the source with protective film.

Graffiti-proof film is scratch, acid-etch, and gouge resistant, allowing it to stand up to graffiti and other forms of vandalism. If the anti-graffiti film becomes damaged, putting this right is as easy as removing and replacing it – which is a far better option than replacing external windows and walls.

Privacy Tint

With many offices now open plan, there is still a need to maintain privacy in workplaces, which makes privacy tint a good option, which can also allow you to get creative. Not only do frosted windows provide sanctuary in your workspace, but they can also offer a wonderful aesthetic appearance, with endless custom designs and colour options. Talk to a privacy film expert about a custom design for your office.

You can implement frosted or privacy window film on clear glass in a variety of areas. You can use privacy tint for office partitions, bathrooms, or even entry doors, as well as windows. You won’t have to worry about privacy tint blocking out sunlight, so you’ll be able to enjoy your privacy while also enjoying the natural light of the day.

Security Film

Security Window Film helps avoid windows breaking, by keeping shattered glass together. This is a good option to bolster the security of your office windows. 3M security film is backed by 7 years of research and development, and consists of a multi-micro layered, cross laminated security film that can make any glass surface virtually shatter-proof. Security window film costs between $90-200 per square metre, depending on quality of the film type and other factors.

We know that you’ve worked hard to create your business, and we don’t want to see its security compromised. To keep your business and your employees safe, consider security film.

Light Management

Light management film can help control distracting glare in the office, while projecting the valuable natural light deeper into your office space.  This allows more of your office workers to benefit from natural light. Not only can improved natural light increase retail sales, but it can also improve your energy efficiency in the office, as you can reduce dependence on artificial lighting thus lowering energy bills.

Keeping natural light in your office without blocking off entire windows really helps employees to work at peak performance, as it has been shown to boost energy and improve health and light management film is a great way to increase natural light, without the downside of glare.

Energy Efficient

If you’re looking to cut down energy costs, energy efficient window film is a must. If you have ever worked in a large open plan office, you know it is very hard to regulate temperatures to keep your staff working efficiently. Solar window tinting helps to regulate the median temperature in the office, helping you air con units run more efficiently.

Solar window tinting will also help to lower your energy costs by reducing the amount of heat transferred through the windows in summer. It allows you to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Want to stop heat loss through your glass during the winter months as well as stop heat gain in summer?  An insulating window film is the best of both worlds – delivering the superior heat rejection of solar film, while also assisting to retain heat during winter, allowing you to save on both heating and cooling bills, all year round.


Use your office windows as marketing collateral for your business. Not only can you use office window film for practical use, it can also help you make more money. Create custom window graphics for your business, or speak to an expert to get a custom design created and installed on your office windows. In addition to window signage, you could complete your branding project with office wallpaper.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about how office window tinting can benefit your business, speak to an expert at Complete Film Solutions, Perth’s leading window film experts.

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