Trending Window Privacy Options for Your Home

Privacy is extremely important, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms. To achieve window privacy, homeowners can choose from a variety of window treatments to use for different parts of the house.

Trending Window Privacy Options for Your Home

Can you imagine having a house without windows?

Aside from being a decorative element in architecture, windows serve several functions.

Windows let in natural light in, allow for ventilation, help regulate indoor temperature and provide insulation, enhance safety and security (when closed), and provide a frame through which one can see the beauty of the world outside. Having more or bigger windows also means getting a wider vista of a beautiful view.

However, one thing that windows can’t provide on their own is privacy, especially at night when the lights inside a building make it easier for those outside to see the interior. This is precisely the reason why windows require some type of covering or treatment.

Common Window Privacy Options

Privacy is extremely important, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms. To achieve window privacy, homeowners can choose from a variety of window treatments to use for different parts of the house.

Curtains/ Drapes

Curtains for Window Privacy
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Sometimes used together with blinds and shades, curtains (sometimes also known as “drapes”) are among the most popular window treatments that help to provide privacy and enhance the look of home interiors.

Curtains come in a wide range of widths, lengths, styles, fabrics, prints and colours. Sometimes, people put up sheer and heavy curtains together so they can regulate how much light comes in, as well as for privacy reasons. You can use them to filter out light if you want a dimmer interior or to avoid glare; conversely, you need only open them to let in more natural light.



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From among the different types of window treatments, blinds are a crowd favourite when it comes to window privacy. There are a few different forms of blinds – horizontal roller blinds, vertical blinds, narrow venetian blinds and panel blinds.  As with curtains, blinds come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colours.

Compared to curtains and drapes, blinds are low maintenance. However, they do not usually come with prints or patterns. They are very effective at blocking out light and are commonly used in offices and other commercial spaces. At home, you’ll usually find them in the kitchen and bedroom. To regulate lighting from outside, all you need to do is use a cord or lifting mechanism attached to the louvres.



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Another popular option for window treatments are window shutters.  Internal shutters are often called plantation shutters, and come in a range of colours and configurations (although plain white and natural timber are the most common colours).  Plantation shutters provide a clean, modern feel to your home, although should be used with caution in wet areas, where the humidity can affect the shutters.  There are now dedicated shutters that are manufactured specifically to suit use in wet areas that avoid these problems.

External shutters, also known as roller shutters, are usually installed on the outside of the window, and can be operated by a manual winding handle, or by an electric switch operating a motor.  External shutters also offer excellent security, as well as privacy, however the shutters need to be down for the security and privacy benefits, which can greatly impact your natural light.  (Security film on windows is still the best option to secure your home against break in, while still maintaining an uninterrupted, clear view and natural light levels).


Privacy window film – A Great Alternative

Aside from the common window treatments mentioned above, other options include textured glass and privacy screens.

However, a more recent alternative that is increasingly becoming more popular is window film. Also referred to as window decals, window film is an excellent alternative to achieve window privacy. Of course, its use is not limited to windows as it’s quite versatile, and comes in different designs and sizes.

What makes window film an even better window privacy solution is that you don’t need to invest in new windows (or doors) with etched or frosted glass to achieve a similar effect. This makes it a more convenient and inexpensive option.

Front Door Window Privacy Idea

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Being part of the façade of a house, front door windows are where you would need more privacy as this is where passers-by can easily look inside your home. You can apply privacy window film in this part of your home to filter natural light, as well as to function as a decorative feature.


Living Room Window Privacy Ideas

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In new home construction today, larger and larger houses are often being built on smaller blocks.  No longer will most home owners have expansive views of gardens or open space around the home.  Many times the view outside your living space could be of a drab fence, or worse, your neighbour’s windows!  Window film is not just for privacy, but can also obscure a drab view, with customisation available to make your windows a real talking point!  Create your own view with a meaningful image – possibly a photo from your travels, or your favourite place or past-time.


Bedroom Window Privacy Ideas

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The bedroom is a place where you require the most privacy comparable to that of a bathroom. This is your private sanctuary, so you can use privacy window film together with curtains or drapes.

During the daytime when you want more natural light in but not at the expense of privacy , all you need to do is to open your curtains and let the window film do its job.

We have also helped many home owners who have had upstairs windows overlooking neighbouring properties.  It has often been a council mandated requirement of their building approval to ensure that windows overlooking a neighbour protects the neighbours right to privacy.  Privacy window film is an excellent option to meet these requirements.


Bathroom Window Ideas for Privacy

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Absolute privacy is essential to ensure your comfort when using the bathroom. You can have dusted crystal or frosted film installed, not only to provide the privacy you need but also to enhance the look of your space.

In the 1980s, it was common to find bathrooms with fabric blinds in place over clear glass.  These blinds collected dust and were susceptible to the formation of mould.  Frosted window film allows you to be done with those blinds for good, and allow beautiful natural light to enter your bathroom space without any compromise to privacy.  The film is also extremely easy to clean and does not become a safe haven for mould spores – protecting your family from negative effects of mould exposure.


Kitchen Window Privacy Ideas

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The last thing you want when enjoying your kitchen is to catch a stranger or neighbour peering at you from the street.

To avoid this scenario, you can use frosted glass film designs that will add privacy and beauty to your kitchen space.

Many people choose to only apply film to the lower portion of the glass, so you can still enjoy the vista, sky and trees beyond the sight line of people walking below.


Complete Film Solutions – for your window privacy needs

Window privacy is an integral part of home design and helps to keep you comfortable and at ease wherever you are inside your home.

To achieve window privacy, you can choose to use window film. Window tinting is a cost-effective, durable and attractive alternative when compared to traditional window treatments.

If you have questions regarding window film and other applications of this material, please let us know at Complete Film Solutions. 

We’ll be happy to assist.


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