3M™ P4 Anti-slip Floor Film

3M™ P4 Anti-slip Floor Film

Complete Film Solutions are the sole supplier of this revolutionary product in WA!

Ideal for areas prone to spills that increase the risk of falls, such as bathrooms, bars, fresh produce stores, this clear film can make a huge difference to the safety of your site.  It is fully customisable and can be laid in a full range of colours if you’re seeking a colour contrast to your existing floor surface, or left as clear to tone in with the existing floor surface.  You can even have the film digitally printed to use as additional marketing opportunities, or to provide way-finding or pedestrian traffic management (for example, showing how pedestrians should move through a food or bar area at large crowd events to maximise safety and efficiency of service).

Easy to clean, will last for years, and has been subjected to intensive testing at 3M™ to show that even after substantial punishment, does not lose it’s anti-slip properties.

Potential applications include:  bars, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, foyers of buildings affected by entry of inclement weather, shopping centre communal areas, fast food restaurants, showers/ baths, public toilets, boat decks and much, much more!

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