3M™ Coloured Vinyl

3M™ Coloured Vinyl

3M™ has a huge range of coloured vinyls that are used for a multitude of uses including but not limited to:

  • Block out for windows (to create a dark space, or hide building installations from the external – eg a new partition wall built in front of a window in a commercial premise)
  • Privacy
  • Decoration of your home or business

The 3M™ Coloured Vinyl range can be further categorised into:

  • 3M™ Opaque graphic films (for when you need full block out, or when you are installing on a clear surface such as glass, as the film is the same colour on both sides)
  • 3M™ Envision™ Translucent Film Series (optimises LED light)
  • 3M™ Translucent Graphic films (translucent films that are perfect for back lighting from natural sunlight or when backlit at night by internal building lights or dedicated lighting, such as internally illuminated lightbox signage) and
  • 3M™ Reflective Graphic films (ideal for safety signage applications or any situation where you need your graphics to be visible in low light situations)
  • 3M™ Light Management Films (eg perforated/ contravision films, diffuser films, block out films)

Further, there are metallic colours, matte colours, high gloss, colour flip and even textured variations (such as carbon fibre) variants of coloured vinyls.

Adhesives can be permanent (for longer term installations) or low-tac/ removable (ideal for short term signage), with the life expectancy of most 3M Coloured vinyls between 7-10 years.

Contact us to find out more about how 3M Coloured Vinyls can help you achieve your home or commercial vision.