3M™ Ultra Prestige Security Film

3M™ Ultra Prestige Security Film

Want the best of both worlds?  Security as well as all the benefits of 3M’s high-performance solar film to reject heat, glare and prevent fading?  3M’s amazing Ultra S600 security window film is also available in 3 tinted variants:

  • Ultra SNV 25 600 (Night Vision equivalent)
  • Ultra Prestige S50 (Prestige 50% VLT equivalent)
  • Ultra Prestige S70 (Prestige 70% VLT equivalent)

3M’s Ultra Prestige is proof that you CAN have it all in one film, as this film ticks all the boxes:

  • Unparalleled security, strength and peace of mind delivered by the 3M Ultra S600
  • Highest performing solar film – rejecting up to 56% of solar heat energy while stopping a massive 97% of infra-red heat rays
  • Allows maximal amounts of natural light, with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) options of 50% and 70%, compared to the darker 25% VLT option:  3M Ultra Night Vision
  • Crystal clear film clarity
  • Can be paired with the matching Prestige 50 and Prestige 70 Solar only films on windows already protected by other means (eg security screens) to reduce cost

Download the Ultra Prestige Family Card here for more information.

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